Can broad beans and eggs be eaten together? How to eat together?

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Both broad beans and eggs are common foods in life, so the question comes, can broad beans and eggs be eaten together? What should I do if they eat together? Let’s introduce it together!

Broad beans and eggs Can you eat it together with the eggs with eggs? The two do not want to overcome it, but this kind of matching is unscientific, the nutrition of the two cannot be fully played, and the taste is poor. If you are here, let’s introduce the following methods!

How to fried eggs in broad beans 1. Put the eggs into the bowl, put a little salt to disperse, set aside.

2. Put oil in the wok , Put the egg liquid when the oil is 50 % hot, stir -fry, and make it a little bit. Don’t stir -fry the old.

3, the stir -fry in the pan, put the onion and ginger shredded on the oil after the oil is hot, Stir -fry, add broad beans and stir -fry, add an appropriate amount of water to simmer for a while, put the eggs after the broad beans is cooked, put an appropriate amount of salt and pepper, stir -fry evenly to get out of the pan. The tender and fresh, the broad beans I bought this time are a bit old. When fried silkworm beans, you must be fried and eat.

Broad beans contain protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, phospholipids, gallbladder, vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, which are still high in phosphorus and potassium.

What are the fresh broad beans in the diet of broad bean, tender green and fragrant, tender green and fragrant, Delicious and delicious, but some people have abdominal pain, skin and sclera yellow stains after eating fresh broad bean. This is often the reason why the ‘broad bean disease’. Suffer from ‘genetic hemorrhine blood cell defects

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