Can eating plums relieve pregnancy?

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Pregnancy vomiting is what every pregnant woman, so they like to eat sour things, so can they alleviate pregnancy vomiting if they eat plums? Let’s introduce it together! -Hello, pregnant women can eat plums, just appropriate amounts, don’t worry too much, pregnant women eat more fruits, vegetables, chickens, fish, ribs, etc. to strengthen nutrition. , Hawthorn, crab, chocolate, barley, coffee, spicy and irritating food.

-It can be eaten, but it is best to eat as little as possible. After all There is no nutrition, it is best to eat more seasonal fruits and fruits. It is relatively fresh and more nutritious. Now Mei is mostly processed through multiple processes. The chemical composition is more complicated. It brings bad reactions to the baby. It is recommended that the mother eat less or not to eat. If there is pregnancy and loss of appetite, you can eat more fresh fruits.

What foods to eat to relieve pregnancy and vomiting When the meals are difficult to swallow, you can eat soda biscuits, which can neutralize gastric acid, reduce the degree of nausea and the number of times, and effectively inhibit pregnancy. ]
2. Drink some lemonade; lemon essential oils have the effect of inhibiting pregnancy, and drinking lemonade will feel not so disgusting immediately. It is estimated that you will want to vomit more.

3. Eat light millet porridge; Xiaomi porridge is not only nutritious, but also has the effect of nourishing the stomach. Eat a bowl of millet porridge when nausea and vomiting can not only suppress vomiting, but also promote promoting Pregnant women’s appetite.

Recipe recommendation method:

oil cake, water hair cucumber, cooked shrimp, bamboo shoots, chicken heart, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, mate, MSG, monosodium glutamate, Affairs of white sugar, chicken soup and other.


Cut the sea cucumber, chicken, and bamboo shoots into diced, oil cake into strips, wash the heart of the vegetables, spread the bottom, spread the bottom, will be paved with the bottom of the dish. Put the wok on the fire, add oil to heat, pour the cake strips and fry until golden yellow, pick up the plate, leave the bottom of the pan, heat the ginseng, chicken, shrimp, bamboo shoots, and stir fry for a while, Put the cooking wine, boil the chicken soup, add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, and pour it on the cake strip.

Sweet and sour cabbage heart material:

cabbage heart , Carrot, peanut oil, white sugar, vinegar, salt, etc.


First wash the cabbage heart, cut into filaments, put it in the plate, sprinkle with salt and pickle a while Yes, squeeze the water gently with your hands, put it in the plate, wash the carrots, cut it into filaments, simmer it with boiling water, drain it in the plate of the cabbage, put the pot on the fire, add soybean oil to boil After the hot, put it on the vinegar and add sugar, Boil over a low heat for a while. When it is slightly sticky, pour out and dry it, pour it on cabbage.

Cream roll cabbage ingredients:

Roll cabbage, carrot, clear chicken soup, Coloring milk, fresh milk, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, water starch, etc.

Wash the cabbage cabbage, cut the cabbage and carrots into small slices, and use boiling water to be boiling water.Salt, MSG, milk, can be eaten when it is burned until the juice.

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