Can I drink Tieguanyin during menstruation? Drink Tieguanyin during menstruation, okay?

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The menstrual period is still very painful for women. Do n’t say that there are still many things that can not be eaten during dysmenorrhea, so can I drink Tieguanyin during menstruation? How about drinking Tieguanyin? Let ’s introduce it below!

] Can I drink Tieguanyin during menstruation? During the menstrual period, we should not drink thick Tieguanyin Tieguanyin as a traditional healthy drink, which is indispensable in life. Especially in southern Fujian, every family, from morning to night, drinking tea and drinking tea. Live also make a large pot of tea with it. So can Tieguanyin drink at any time? Can I drink Tieguanyin during the medicine? Can I drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach? This article tells you through a detailed analysis. During the menstruation, drinking during menstruation The advantages and disadvantages of Tieguanyin.

Experts suggest that you should drink iron Guanyin during menstruation. At the same time, you should not drink Tieguanyin during pregnancy. Tieguanyin contains tannic acid, which affects the absorption of iron, causing the symptoms of iron deficiency in the menstrual period. At this time, menstrual blood will consume a lot of iron in the body. Therefore, female friends should add more iron -rich vegetables at this time Fruit, such as spinach, grapes, and apples. But if you are used to drinking Tieguanyin at this time when you are full, this Tieguanyin leaf contains up to 50%of tannic acid, which will hinder our intestinal mucosa to iron against iron. The quality absorption greatly reduces the degree of absorption of the iron, so it is easy to precipitate the precipitation of iron in the intestines in the intestine or the iron stones in the blood supplement. During this period, drink less iron Guanyin and drink light iron Guanyin.

What tea is good for women’s menstrual period? Gynecological experts suggest that do not drink chrysanthemum tea during menstruation, try to avoid cold foods. For example, rose, wolfberry jujube tea, rose eggplant, Qiaomei, calendula, etc. have regulating endocrine functions, which is more suitable for menstrual drinking.
Women who like to drink flower tea for rose tea are best to choose rose tea during menstruation. Rose tea can regulate qi, relieve pain, detoxify and beauty, effectively relieve menstrual syndrome.

Female friends who are often low -troubled by emotional depression and small abdominal pain during menstruation. Sexual temperature has the effect of relieving qi and relieving stagnation, promoting blood circulation, stasis, menstrual pain and relieving pain. Bald jujube tea wolfberry and black dates are suitable for blood supplementation of blood and nourishing qi. The red dates beauty and beauty, nourish qi nourishing blood; wolfberry is called Xixia Qi fruit, which has extremely magical vitality. Torn red dates into cups (can be soaked more flavor), put into it in Twenty grains of wolfberry. Boil water for boiling water while it is hot.

Tips: Drinking tea should not be too thick. If tea is strong, it may be due to the caffeine tea contained in it, which causes discomfort before and after menstruation, but it should be It will not cause menstruation because of drinking green tea. If menstruation is delayed, it is better to ask a physician to check it.

menstrual periodEat more foods 1. Eat more iron -rich food iron is an important element for hemoglobin and many important enzyme synthesis. It has an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging, and energy metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the rich foods. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other iron are rich in iron, and biological activity is large, which is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body; and soybeans and spinach are rich in plant iron, the absorption rate, the absorption rate Low low. Therefore, pay attention to the matching of vegetarian diet during menstrual periods, and eat more animal foods to meet the special needs of iron during the menstrual period.
2. Drinking honey before bedtime There will be symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, soft waist and knee sour, burnout, sleepy, and emotional irritability. Studies have found that women drink a cup of hot milk with honey before going to bed during menstruation, which can reduce or eliminate the discomfort in menstruation. Because Potassium in milk can relieve emotions, and has the effects of reducing abdominal pain, preventing infection, and reducing menstrual blood volume; magnesium contained in honey can calm the central nervous nerve, help eliminate women’s tension in menstruation, reduce psychological pressure 3: menstrual periods period: menstrual periods Food should be based on the spleen and appetizing, easy to digest, such as jujube, noodles, coix seed porridge, etc. In order to maintain nutritional balance, fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten at the same time. Nutritional destruction is less.

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