Can I drink water for water? What are the benefits of drinking water in water?

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Everyone should have eaten the words, many people like the sweet and sour feeling, so can I use words to soak the water? What are the benefits of plum water? Let’s introduce it below! [123 ]
Can plums soak in water-Yes, can effectively moisturize the throat, reduce cough and other performances, can also be used frequently in normal times. This will not affect .

-It is okay to drink water in water, there is no big deal. This kind of weather is relatively dry. It is recommended that you drink more water appropriately. It is recommended not to drink too much drink. [123 ]
-Drinking the taste of plums and drinking sweetness can appetite, but drinking tea will increase the bitterness. It is best not to use words to make plums or make tea, because the plums are marinated with fruit, which is fresh and fresh. The degree of hygiene is worrying.

What are the benefits of drinking water in the water of plum water: Shengjin and quenching thirst, strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying, astringent and astringent intestines, insecticidal and Jinjin function, etc., but it cannot be not allowed Drink frequently. If you eat too much, you can cause harm to the body and not often use plums.

Water that is used for plums or plums. Acid substances will corrode the material on the surface of the teeth Lack of teeth will cause teeth sensitivity. If the teeth are sensitive, it will make you often feel a moment of pain when you eat what you eat in the future. Now one of the three adults on average If you think the plum water is really delicious, you can rinse your mouth immediately after drinking, or use anti -teeth sensitive toothpaste. For example, the more professional in this regard is comfortable toothpaste, which is designed for teeth sensitive. The market test is a recommended product for dentists. Using it, you can prevent teeth sensitivity.

There are more preservatives such as Meimei and other things such as plums. Anyway, it is not good for the body. ( The words have been dealt with, don’t eat too much, it’s not good for your body). Moreover, the calories of 1 plum are 4 kcal, and I don’t think it is too high in calories, but it is ranked in the top of the top several. For garbage food, eat less good. If Meimei eats more, it is not good for the body. During the processing process, some honey or fruits often add too much sugar or salt, and some foods such as preserved fruits. It may also contain preservatives, pigments, and flavors that often affect health. If the salt content of snacks such as plums is very high, eating more is not beneficial. Long -term intake of a large amount of salt will induce high blood pressure. Occasionally eat one or two after meals, one or two after meals, one or two occasionally. One can promote digestion.

The method of plum is full of plums. Mei Mo slices: 2 sections of 藕, 20 pieces of plum. A moderate amount of sour plum soup.

1. Cut the coriander into thin slices, put it in boiling water to quickly scald, quickly pick it up, soak it in the ice water; after the plum is removed, chop the plum meat and mix with the sour plum soup.

2 . Remove the iced ravioli slices and pour it into the plumIn the soup, stir together together to install it.

Chapter Mei Peanut ingredients: a pound of peanuts and a pack of plums (then the kind of sweetness and sweetness, do not be salty and dry)Method:

1. Boil peanuts, add cold water without peanuts in the soup pot, turn it on high heat and turn over medium heat for ten minutes.
2. Put the packet of the same words into the soup pot in the soup potCook together, turn to medium and small fire for twenty minutes.

3. The time to cook peanuts depends on your own hard and hard preferences for peanuts.Refrigerate the refrigerator for one night with the soup to fully absorb the nutrients. If you can’t wait, then grab it into your mouth.

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