Can I eat fennel in fever? Can I eat fennel fever?

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Almost everyone should have been sick, so can I still eat fennel after fever? Is it good to eat fennel? Let’s introduce it together!
Can I eat fennel? It can be eaten, and it ’s better not to eat it if you ca n’t distinguish it. Parents may think that children cannot drink milk after illness. They may think that they will get angry after drinking milk. In fact, milk is rich in nutrients and protein, which can supplement the energy of the child’s loss. Therefore There are many benefits, but parents cannot use milk instead of water. They usually have more children to drink water.

After the baby reaches a certain monthly age, parents will add supplementary food to their children, and rice soup is the rice soup. One of the best supplementary foods, in fact, after the baby’s fever is sick, rice soup is also the best food. It can not only provide carbohydrates, but also supplement water, but also can absorb well. Parents can let their children drink a glass of juice every day, can supplement vitamins and protein, such as pear juice, orange juice, etc., as well as moisturizing the lungs and cough. In fact, the nutritional value of mung bean soup is also very high. Drinking mung bean soup when the baby has a fever is also conducive to helping the baby’s fever.

When the baby has a fever, you can also eat millet porridge. It is conducive to absorption. After the baby is sick, the food given to the child is the best food that is easy to digest and absorb and light, and try to eat less food as much as possible.

It is not advisable to fever in summer children when fever. The body temperature increases, often with the symptoms of thirst and cold drinks. I especially like to eat cold drinks such as popsicles and ice cream. But after eating such cold drinks, the fever children’s stomach will tighten rapidly, which will easily cause children to digest poor, loss of appetite, and do not eat staple foods. Do not eat staple foods. Causes malnutrition. Therefore, children with fever should not drink cold drinks.

Pediatrics have poor digestion after fever, foods that are light and easy to digest, avoid greasy foods, such as fried pork chops, fried cakes, cream cakes , Fried steamed buns, fatty mutton, pork, oil soup with oil, duck soup, and various kinds of foods fried with fried. It is not advisable to put too much oil when fried vegetables. Greasy foods hinder the digestion of children, often can often be possible Causes the symptoms of digestive tract such as loss of appetite and diarrhea. Excessive sweet food will not only cause gastrointestinal dampness and heat, but also affect appetite, but also cause abdominal distension and cause indigestion, and the disease is not easy to heal. Such foods include various ice cream, juice juice, canned fruit, chocolate, fruits Sugar, honey, etc. In addition, when drinking milk, you should put as little sugar as possible, so as not to cause abdominal distension and affect digestion.

The baby’s fever has been burned, and the amount of salt and fat should be strictly limited. Let your baby eat fried or irritating foods, so as not to let the baby drink more urine,Increase annoyance.

Many people think that oranges are cough and phlegm, so let the baby eat more oranges. In fact, orange peel does have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, but orange meat is fever and sputum. It is impossible for ordinary children to eat orange meat and only eat orange peels.

Anti -fever small tricks 1. Porton water cooked by ginger and water with ginger sugar water can play a role in driving cold. Therefore, when you have a fever, you can you can Try.

2. Ginger Cola is a drink that our modern young people often drink, but it is not just a drink. Cook it with ginger slices. For patients with a fever, it is a good antipyretic recipe.

3. Chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. When a fever is fever, use the chrysanthemum of chrysanthemums in the flowering period to make a pot of tea. It can play a warm body and remove the role of heat poison in the body. Therefore, for a fever patient with cold -duty symptoms, a pot of hot chrysanthemum tea can play a good antipyretic and cooling effect.

4. Flower tea that helps to reduce fever When fever, you may wish to try some pills, such as honeysuckle with sterilization, anti -inflammatory and sweating. Use it to make hot tea and drink it while it is hot. The virus has a good effect.

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