Can I eat salads during breastfeeding? Can I eat stubborn fish during breastfeeding?

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123] How to eat the bacon of the bacon to be healthy, the bacon is beautiful, and many people love it, but because it is marinated and then made by baking (or exposed in sunlight)The salt division, because of long -term marinating, it will contain a large amount of nitrite, which is an important carcinogen. Therefore, although the bacon is delicious, it must be appropriate!

Before cooking, you must use it before cooking.Wash it repeatedly with warm water, soak it with warm water for about half an hour after washing, so that it can greatly reduce the salt content, not too salty.

The bacon can eat meals, eat every day, eat every day, eat every day, eat every day, and eat every day.Eat the bacon to eat foods rich in vitamin C, Victoria E, Vitamin A at the same time, such as kiwi, citrus, grapefruit, tomato, cucumber, cauliflower, etc., which can inhibit nitrosamine synthesis to a certain extent.

In terms of cooking, you should also avoid frying, it is best to cook after boiling.

The doctor of the strap recommends that high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other people should eat as carefulness as possible..

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