Can lotus root and carrots cook soup together? Can lotus root and carrots be eaten together?

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Everyone has eaten lotus root and carrots, so have you tried the soup together? Can the lotus root and carrots be eaten together? Let’s introduce it together!

Can you cook soup together? ?

Lotus root and carrots can cook soup together. Carrots and lotus root are commonly used soup materials. These two foods do not contain foods with food grams. Not only is nutritious, but also delicious.

The benefits of cooking soup together (1) Liver preservation of liver and eye carrots contain a large amount of carotene. After consumption, it can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Ingredients can protect liver cells and promote the purple redness synthesis on the retina. It has the effect of protecting the liver and clearing the purpose.
(2) The spleen and appetizing lotus root have a faint fragrance. After cooking, the taste is more fragrant Thick, after the carrot is cooked, the soup can make the soup with a touch of sweetness, suitable for poor appetite, has the effect of appetizing and healthy food, and lotus root into the spleen, stomach, can strengthen the spleen and stomach.
Lotus root Carrot pork rib soup material

Pork ribs (preferably ribs), lotus root, lotus seeds, carrots (actually white radish), coriander (called horseshoe), salt, pepper powder


1. When buying a ribs, let the owner of the meat shop chop into small pieces and remove excess oil (wash water), wash the lotus root peel together, soak the lotus seeds in advance, and wash the carrots. , Wash and cut it for half and use it.

2. Cold water pork ribs, who is boiled, so that the blood water is cooked, then quickly throw it in the cold water and wash it. Add cold water to boil and turn it on low heat for 30 minutes.

3. When stewed pork ribs, cut the lotus into thick slices. I just cut it here. The carrots can also be cut into thick slices.

4. Wait a little white when the soup is cooked, so you can add some water and cook the crickets and carrots. You can add some water appropriately. 123]
5. After adding the cricket slices and carrots, add the lotus seeds and simmer over low heat until the lotus seeds are crispy. Of course, the photos are not bad enough.
Precautions for soup together 1. Lotus root contains a lot of classification substances, which will react with iron ions to generate black complexes, which affects the color of the dishes. Therefore, it is best to use a casserole and carrot soup together.

2. Lotus root is easily darkened by oxidation. Therefore, the cut lotus root needs to be soaked with salt water and vinegar water to prevent oxidation and discoloration.
3. Carotene is a fat -soluble vitamin, so cooking, so cook Carrots are preferably cooked with meat such as pork ribs, which can promote the full absorption of carrots.

The consumption taboos of lotus root 1. The raw ravioli is cool, and it is difficult to digest when eating cold. Those who have cold spleen and stomach deficiency, and those who are prone to diarrhea should not eat raw raw buns, which can hinder the spleen and stomach..

2. If the lotus root is black and there is a odor, it is not suitable to eat.

3. Do not use iron when cooking, so as not to make the cricket darkened during the cooking process.
123] 4. Cut the cricket should not be stored directly. After cutting, put it in the water and make it immediately. It can be stored in plastic wrap.
5. Soybean and lotus root should not be eaten together. Soy beans are rich in iron.Can’t eat with lotus root with many cellulose, because cellulose will affect the body’s absorption of iron.

6. Women should not eat lotus root after giving birth, otherwise it may cause bad blood breaking effects;Eating ravioli after two weeks can discharge blood.

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