Can pregnant women eat cantaloupe’s nutrition analysis?

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Can pregnant women eat cantaloupe? I believe that many pregnant women friends are very concerned about this issue, let Xiaobian tell you whether you can eat it.

Can pregnant women eat cantaloupe


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Melon belongs to the gourd family, which is a variant of melon. It derived from Turkic u0026 ldquo; Kabo u0026 rdquo;, meaning u0026 ldquo; melon u0026 rdquo;. There are only cantaloupe produced in Xinjiang and Dunhuang in Gansu. In addition to a few high -cold areas, most areas are produced in cantaloupe. The highest quality cantaloupe is produced in the Gatshi County, Hami and Turpan Basin in the southern Xinjiang. There are more than 180 varieties and types of cantaloupe in Xinjiang, and there are also precocious summer melon and late cooked winter melon. Winter melon is resistant to storage, and the winter melon hidden in Xinjiang’s home can be placed in the spring of the next year, and the taste is still fresh.

The cantaloupe has the beauty of the king of u0026 ldquo; the king of melon u0026 rdquo;, the sugar content is about 15%, the form is different, the flavor is unique, some have creamy flavor, some contain lemon containing lemon Fragrant, but they are as sweet as honey, and they are praised at home and abroad. Among many cantaloupe varieties, u0026 ldquo; red heart crispy u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; golden dragon u0026 rdquo; best quality. Cantaloupe is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition and high medicinal value.

Nutrition analysis of cantaloupe

1. Hamaoufeis has a significant promotion effect on human hematopoietic capacity, which can be used as a dietary product of anemia;

] 2. Cantaloupe has a cool and cooling heat, eliminating the functions of annoyance, and refreshing and quenching thirst.

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Maternal women need to eat cantaloupe

suffer from beets, jaundice, bloating, stool, cold cough, and postpartum postpartum It is not advisable to eat more after illness; diabetes people eat with caution.

Food and therapy

Cantaloupe is sweet and cold;

It has the effects of healing hunger, convergence, qi, clearing lung heat and relieving cough;

It is suitable In patients with kidney disease, stomach disease, cough, phlegm, anemia, and constipation, it has the effects of cooling heat, removing heat, and refreshing thirst.

Warm reminder:

Moving the cantaloupe should be brought lightly, do not touch the melon skin.

The injured melon is easy to deteriorate and rot, and cannot be stored.

Cantaloupe is cold and should not eat too much, so as not to cause diarrhea.

suffer from beriberi, jaundice, abdomenSelf -inflation, stools, cold cough, and postpartum and postpartum and afternight should not eat.
Cantaloupe has more sugar, and people with diabetes should be cautious.

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