Can the leather shrimps eat with eggs? Pipi shrimp can eat with eggs?

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Eggs are the most nutritious food, and the economical benefits can be bought everywhere, you can do a lot of food. So can the leather shrimp eat with eggs? Can the leather shrimp eat with eggs?

The leather shrimp can be eaten with eggs? The nutrition doctor introduces the leather shrimp. It can be eaten with the egg. Eggs and shrimps can be eaten together, and there is a good calcium supplement, but it is worth noting that shrimp and try not to eat with chicken and other foods, and friends who have skin disease do not eat shrimps.

Eggs can’t eat together 1. Eggs can’t eat with soy milk: Soy soybean milk contains trypsin inhibitors, which can inhibit human protease activity, affect the digestion and absorption of proteins in the human body, and the egg white in the egg contains viscous protein. It can be combined with trypsin in soy milk to prevent the decomposition of proteins to be hindered, thereby reducing the body’s absorption rate of proteins.

2. Eggs cannot be eaten with white sugar: Many places have habit of eating sugar hydrated buns. In fact, the eggs and sugar are cooked, which will make the amino acid formation of amino acid in the egg protein. This substance is not easy to be absorbed by the human body, and it will have a negative effect on health.

3. Eggs can’t eat with rabbit meat: “Compendium of Materia Medica]” Eggs with rabbit meat into diarrhea. “The rabbit meat is sweet and cold, and the eggs are all cold, and the two contain some bioactive substances. The react will be reacted, stimulate the gastrointestinal path, causing diarrhea.

Practice of egg yolk 焗 skin shrimp: skin shrimp (a pound), salted egg yolk (3)

Seasoning: salt (moderate), onion (mode), ginger (mode)


1, the leather shrimp is washed in the water, drained water.

2, salted duck eggs separated from egg white separators.

3, pour 2/3 full of camel oil in the pot, and heat the oil to 80% heat.

4, pour the leather shrimp of the drained water, all the frying 30s

5, then open the fire, heat the oil temperature to 80% heat, remove the prior skin shrimps to remove the ready-to-use

6, leave the oil in the pot, put the salted egg yolk, the small fire is fried, and the egg yolk begins to start sand.

7, put in the pre-chopped green ginger section, stir fry until the egg yolk sand is yellow, the onion ginger is added to add a little salt, then pour the fried leather shrimp, stir fry until each shrimp is even uniform and wrapped in egg yolk Can come out


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