Can the white objects in the pork waist be eaten?Can the white in the pork waist be eaten?

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The pig’s waist is a pig kidney. It is a more nourishing food and has the effect of nourishing the kidneys. We know that although the organs of animals are delicious, it is difficult to deal with. So, can the white objects in the pork waist be eaten?

Can the white objects in the pork waist be eaten
The white objects in the pig waist cannot be eaten. This white thing is the pyelone and kidney fiber sac, the urine filtering organs of the pig kidney. This part has a strong flavor, and the white fiber film also has a light brown glands in the white fiber film. , So remove it when cooking, not to eat.

The white objects in the pig’s waist will be eaten. The white fiber in the pork waist contains the adrenal glands of the pig, which is rich in corticosteroids and myelin hormones. If pregnant women eat adrenal glands by mistake, corticosteroids can increase blood sodium in the pregnant woman, reduce drainage and induce pregnancy edema. Impling hormones can promote glycogen decomposition, accelerate heartbeat, and induce diseases such as pregnancy hypertension or hyperglycemia. At the same time, poisoning symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, numbness of hands and feet, and muscle weakness can occur.

How to remove the white object inside the pork waist first peel the film on the surface of the pork waist, then stand up the pork waist, cut it along the place where there is a white meridian, and cut the pork waist vertically into two vertical directions into two two. Half, then remove the white meridians inside and clean it to ensure the integrity of the pork waist as much as possible. Then slice the pork waist, pour in white wine, and repeatedly pinch the pig’s waist with your hands, so that the wine can quickly penetrate into the pork waist, which can remove the fishy smell.

How to buy pork waist waist 1. Look at the color, the fresh waist is soft and shiny, elastic, light red; No elasticity and emitting a smell. 2. See if there are blood spots on the surface, if there is, it is not normal. 3. See if it is thicker than the average pork waist. If it is thicker and larger, carefully observe whether it belongs to the pork waist with redness and swelling. Its inspection method is: Cut the pork waist with a knife and see if the marrow (between the red tissue and the white tendon) and the cortex are blurred. If, it is abnormal, do not buy it.

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