Can you make soy milk? How to make soy milk?

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Broad beans are delicious foods, which can be used for snacks or cooking. Many people can use broad beans to use broad beans to use soy milk. So is it really like this? How to use soy milk to make soy milk? Let ’s introduce it to you!

Can broad beans be made of soy milk? Broad beans can not be made of soy milk alone. Mixing it. Soybean contains a large amount of protein and has a high slurry rate. Other beans are not ideal. If you want to use broad beans to make soy milk, it is recommended to mix it! [ 123]
Broad bean soy milk 1. Material: 50 grams of fresh beans, 50 grams of green soybeans, 1000 ml of water

2. Wash the green soybeans and drain water, soak water to the hair increase. Pour the soymilk machine with the green soybeans

3. Add the water, the water surface is not lower than the minimum water level line

4. The installation header, start the full nutritional energy, wait for the slurry to end, pour out the drink [ 123]
Cooking techniques can be increased or decreased as appropriate with your preferences, but it should not be too much. It exceeds the maximum processing capacity of the soymilk machine.

The soy milk can be seasoned according to your own taste. [123 ]
Nutritional value efficacy 1. Each 100 grams of broad beans contains Victoria A85 micrograms, B10.37 mg, B20.12 mg, Victoria C16 mg, vitamin E1.2 mg; carotene 0.51 micrograms, folic acid 260 micrograms, panic acid 0.48 micrograms ,硫胺素0.31毫克,核黃素0.11毫克,煙酸2.7毫克;鈣49毫克,鐵4.4毫克,磷339毫克,鉀992毫克,鈉2毫克,銅0.64毫克,鎂113毫克,鋅2.84微克, Selenium 2.02 micrograms; 28.2 grams of protein, 0.8 grams of fat, 49 grams of carbohydrates; it also contains phospholipids, gallbladder, gourd babia, cypsic acid -2 and other substances. , Crude fiber, phospholipids, gallbladder, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, especially the high content of phosphorus and potassium.

3. In broad beans It is rich in gallbladder.

4. The solid material content in mature broad beans is more than 3 times that of immature broad beans. Therefore However, immature broad beans are the superior sources of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Broad bean may indeed cause allergic hemolysis symptoms, also known as “favism disease”. At present, the study believes that the broad beans (a nucleotide) contained in broad beans will interfere with the normal operation of glucose hexosphere dehydrinosin (G-6-PD), and the latter is the key factor in maintaining the normal work of hemoglobin, which causes erythrocyte rupture Cause “broad bean hemolytic” disease.

However, the vast majorWill obediently be a good food.Therefore, only for those who lack G-6-PD for genetic problems, broad beans are “dangerous foods”.

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