Careful and lettuce method and the nutrition of oyster sauce and lettuce

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I don’t know how many methods of oil -consuming lettuce? In fact, the practice of this dish is not difficult, it depends on whether you have the patience.

The ingredients of oyster sauce, oyster sauce, lettuce and lettuce. Oyster sauce. salt. Sugar. soy sauce.

The practice of oyster sauce and lettuce 1. Try to go to the old leaves and clean it.

2. Boil a pot and boil water, add spoon salt in the water, and a few drops of oil.

3. After the lettuce is scalded for a few seconds, quickly remove the water control disk.

4. Put a little base oil in a clean pot. After the oil is hot, add the minced garlic after the oil, add oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, and pine a thin layer of water starch and pour it on the lettuce.

National wheat harvest has basically ended. The Minister of Agriculture Sun Zhengcai recently said that the harvest of food this year has become a foregone conclusion. It is expected that the total output will exceed 240 billion kg, an increase of more than 5 billion kg, and the production will be increased for five consecutive years.

This inspiring news is a highlight of economic and social development since this year. It has provided a solid material foundation for effectively suppressing inflation, and has made important contributions to the stability of international food prices. Getting the good harvest of agriculture and food throughout the year has enhanced confidence.

Prices have risen too fast and inflation pressure has increased, which has become the most prominent problem in the current economic operation. Since last year, the prices of major agricultural products in my country have increased at different levels, and the price of edible oil, pork, and milk has increased significantly. In the first four months of this year, my country’s CPI increased at more than 8%.

Food prices are a base of 100 prices. The weight of food prices and affected food prices is about 1/3 of the CPI. Authoritative analysis believes that rising prices are mainly rising food prices. Controlling rising prices, suppressing inflation, and achieving stable and rapid economic development requires comprehensive measures, but the key is to promote the development of agriculture and food production.

Nutrition of oyster sauce lettuce 1. Lettuce contains dietary fiber and vitamin C, which has the effect of eliminating excess fat, so it is also called weight loss lettuce; 2. Because its stems and leaves contain lettuce, the flavor is slightly bitter. It has analgesic hypnosis, reduced cholesterol, and auxiliary treatment of neurasthenia;

3. A lettuce contains active ingredients such as mannitol, which facilitates the role of diuretic and promoting blood circulation; It contains a u0026 ldquo; interferon temptation u0026 rdquo;, can stimulate the human body to produce interferon, which produces a u0026 ldquo; antiviral protein u0026 rdquo; inhibit the virus.

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