Diet and health: What is the best thing to do

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Diet health

What is the best to make a stool 1. Pear not only has the effects of Shengjin, moisturizing, clearing heat, and phlegm, but also has very good effects on purifying the kidneys and cleaning the intestine.

Therefore, for patients with long -term constipation, they should eat more pears and help prevent colon and rectal cancer.

2. Apple apples are rich in water -soluble food fiber -pectin, pectin has a good role in protecting the intestinal wall and activating the intestines, improving gastrointestinal function, so eating apples can effectively clean the intestine Tao, prevent constipation.

At the same time, the fiber in the apple can make the stool soft, organic acid can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and help the stool.

3. Asparagus asparagus is low -sugar, low -fat, and high -fiber foods, which are rich in water and dietary fiber, making it soft diluted feces, which is easy to discharge.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the content of folic acid in asparagus is very high, which helps the fetal nerve tube development and is an ideal food for pregnant mothers.

4. The content of dietary fiber contained in nuts is not lower than that of vegetable water.

And nuts are rich in vitamin B and E, protein, linoleic acid, linolenic acid. These substances can help increase the content of bisidobacteria in the intestine, together with plant cellulose to stimulate intestinal peristalsis together. This plays the role of intestinal laxative and treating constipation.

5. Brown rice and brown rice avoid the whole meter of rice bran. It is rich in fiber. It also has water absorption, liposuction effects and sufficient satiety, which can make intestines.

Nutrients suggest that you can eat brown rice porridge, or brown rice pulp can be eaten.

Poor recipes 1. Laver sesame rice cut 100 grams of roasted laver into filaments, and then crushed 120 grams of black sesame and 120 grams of white sesame seeds with noodle rods.

Mix these three raw materials together in the bottle, and eat one or two spoons and rice with each meal.

The old teacher of Fuzawa explained that seaweed is rich in nutrients such as carotene, calcium, potassium, iron, etc., which can promote gastrointestinal exercise; sesame contains a large amount of amino acids, food fibers and minerals, which can promote defecation.

2. Add 500 grams of cabbage to the cabbage and add a little salt, put it in boiling water and simmer.

After cooling the cooked vegetables, squeeze the water, cut it into pieces, and mix a cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup of soup, two spoons, 1/2 spoons of salt Essence

After the soup becomes cold, pour the cabbage and store it in the seal bottle for one day to eat.

Cabbage is rich in a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber, which can enhance gastrointestinal motility.

3. Put the lotus root of the lotus root, put the appropriate amount of sugar, salt, vinegar and sesame oil according to personal tasteMix well.

Put the mixed lotus root in the sealed bottle, and take out some side dishes every day as a dining.

Teacher Fuzawa said that lotus root can remove intestinal dirt, prevent stools, stimulate intestinal walls, and prevent constipation.

4. Shred 300 grams of kelp in oil beans and cooked with boiling water. After 100 grams of soybeans are cooked with water, cool the kelp and soy beans, control the water, and add salt and soy sauce to it , MSG and green onions are stirred evenly.

kelp is rich in food fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and increase defecation; unsaturated fatty acids in soybeans can promote bowel movements, and rich food fiber can absorb intestinal water and increase bowel capacity.

How to avoid constipation 1. Avoid abuse of laxative abuse of laxatives to weaken the sensitivity of the intestine, form dependence on certain laxatives, and cause constipation.

2. Reasonably arrange life and work proper cultural and sports activities, especially the exercise of abdominal muscles is conducive to the improvement of gastrointestinal function, which is more important for brain workers who have long -term movement and high spiritual concentration.

3. Develop good bowel habits daily to defecate, form conditional reflection, and establish a good rules of defecation.

Do not ignore it when you have any intentions.

The environment and posture of defecation are as convenient as possible, so as not to suppress the intention and destroy the bowel habits.

4. Drink plenty of water to drink at least 6 cups of 250 ml of water per day for medium -intensity exercises, and develop the habit of timing defecation (twice a day, 15 minutes each time).

The action potential activity of wake -up and post -meal colon enhanced, and the feces were promoted to the remote colon.

5. To help absorb nutritional ingredients if you consume probiotics every day, which can not only control the production of harmful bacteria in the intestine, but also provide a good growth environment for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, creating a healthy intestine.

There is also the BACILLLUS SUBTILIS (Merrye) contained in “Mommy Love”, which has a good effect on lactose decomposition, which can help children digest and absorb milk or milk powder.

And the beneficial bacteria in Mummy’s love can promote the absorption of nutrients such as milk powder and milk contained in milk.

It contains the essential nutrient metabolism and the necessary vitamin B1, B2, B6, which can help children grow well and develop.

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