Diet health: 11 ways to take a chestnut skin

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Health guides: the season to the chestnut, the chestnut is delicious, but there is a trouble, that is the peeling problem.

Many people don’t know how chestnuts are peeled, and they often peeled their hand.

In fact, the way chestnut peeling is very simple. I will teach you 11 ways to take a chestnut skin, let you easily eat delicious chestnuts! Chestnuts are dried fruit varieties with higher carbohydrates, which can supply more thermal energy in the human body, and help fat metabolize, with the role of qi and spleen and thick tonic.

Chestnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, which is beneficial to human health.

Chestnuts are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, and vascular muscles. It can prevent and treat osteoporosis, sore lower legs, bone pain, fatigue, etc., delay the human aging, is the ideal health care fruit of the elderly.

Chestnuts are delicious, but it is not easy to peel it.

Some people will feel that chestnut skin is difficult to peeze because chestnuts are not fresh, is it true? Experts say that there is no such statement.

Worried that hawkers treat or soak the chestnuts in other raw materials, so the skin is difficult, and this inference is not established.

Basically, this layer of skin in the chestnut is good, it is a chestnut, it is still good, and it is related to the variety, and some kinds of chestnuts will be difficult to peeled.

How is chestnut peeling? The general man’s method of treating chestnut skin is to use a knife, and then boiled boiled boiled.

In fact, as long as the chestnut is heated, the laminate is easier to peel off.

Let’s teach you the 11 ways of chestnuts quickly peeled, so you can easily peel off the chestnut skin, and you will not worry about peeling the chestnut skin.

How is chestnut peeling? 11 ways to peel the chestnut skin 1, hot water soaking method.

After washing the chestnut, put it in the utensil, add a little salt, soak it with a boiling water, cover the pot.

After 5 minutes, take out the chestnuts and cut, the chestnuts are detached with the chestnut shell, and this method removes chestnut skin, saving time and effort.

2, chopsticks stirring.

After all the chestnuts were pulled, the shell was placed in the basin, and then the water was soaked in a while, stirring with chopsticks, the skin of chestnuts will be separated from the chestnut meat.

However, pay attention to, soaking time is not too long, otherwise the chestnut nutrients will be affected.

3, salt water.

Use the knife to cut a small mouth from the middle of the chestnut, then put the cut chestnuts in the brine, cook for 5 minutes, remove it, take heat to the shell and skin of chestnuts.

4, rice pot method.

The first step is the same as above, and the chestnut is cut.Put it in the rice cooker, there is no need to put water in the pot.

Press the cooking button. After 15 minutes, take the chestnut out of the housing and skin.

5, salt water soaking method.

Chestnuts directly pour in the salt water 5 minutes; then cut the mouth with a knife; take heat to the shell and skin; quite complete.

6, refrigerator freezer method.

Chestnuts were cooked and then cooled into the refrigerator for two hours, and the shell was separated.

This is so fast, and the chestnut meat is complete.

7, microwave heating method.

Will bought the bought, cut the outer casing with a scissors, placed in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, and the clothes and meat will be automatically detached.

Before using this method, you must cut its housings, otherwise the microwave furnace can be caused.

8, incision soaking method.

Chestnuts are cut half cut; remove the housing; catering for 5 minutes by boiling water; it is easy to peeled.

9, thermoforibaine cooling method.

Use a knife to remove the shell of the chestnut, put it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, and then put it in cold water and soak it for 3-5 minutes, it is easy to peel off the marrier and taste.

10, sun exposure method.

Place the wheels you want to eat in the sun, the chestnut shell will crack, then no matter whether life is stripped or cooked, it is easy to peel off the chestnut shell and the thin skin inside.

But the chestnuts that are ready to store cannot be sunk, because the chestnuts after the sun cannot be saved for a long time.

11, high pressure pot method.

After the chestnut cleaning, cut a mouth with a knife; put it in a high pressure pot, do not put water; after the air, turn around.

Take out the stripping and skin; it is more difficult to strip, and when you turn off, it is not easy.

How to pick chestnuts? Some chestnut oil is bright and glare. Experts remind buyers do not impulse, identify high quality chestnut methods: first skin, red brown, purple, 赭 color, bright quality, with natural gloss, if the outer casing has口,, color, color or black shadow, etc., the fruit has been worm or deteriorated; secondly with hand pushing, the fruit is solid, the flesh is more full, if it is soft, then the pulp has dried; In hand, the shell is bright and not sticky, the pulp is not sticky to high quality chestnuts.

1, see color: crust is bright red, brown, purple, 赭 色, particle gloss, quality is generally better.

If the outer casing is discolored, no shiny or black shadow, it indicates that the fruit has been insect or heat-resistant.

2, nuts: You can use your hands, such as granules, usually the flesh is full; if the particle empty shell, it indicates that the pulp has been dried or sultry.

3, hand shake: put a chestnut in hand, there is a housing, indicating that the flesh hasDunk, may be a fresh chestnut.

4, taste: good chestnut ruthenia light yellow, strong, meat fine, less water, high sweetness, glutinous quality, fragrance, reverse, hard taste, mouth sensation.

5. Tasting: Chestnut granules are not more and better.

my country’s chestnuts have the division of Niji and Northern Chest.

Northern, the northern particles are small, and each 500 grams are around 70 ~ 80, the flat, the peel is thin, and the granules are also more uniform, the particles are better.

When you buy a chestnut, you should also pay attention, don’t pursue the color of the flesh or golden or golden.

Golden flesh is likely to be chemically treated chestnuts, which is harmful to the body.

Conversely, if there is a little brown in the middle of the fried or cooked consequences, it is a chestnut-containing enzyme.

Is it good to eat chestnuts? Ren to eat kidney cooked food spleen my country folk use chestnut tachry, there are many ways to treat diseases.

Sun Sizhen emphasized u0026 ldquo; raw eating u0026 rdquo; this usage.

If the elderly people develop the habit of eating air-dried chestnuts per day, achieving effective prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency, backache pain.

Northern Song Dynasties wrote in poems: u0026 ldquo; Old to add waist, Shan Weng’s old passengers, the passenger is in the late night, Sanrorope Xu Shalin.

u0026 rdquo; It means that raw eating chestnuts can achieve strong bones, relieve the effect of relieving waist and legacy.

If you are eating, the spleen and stomach is unable to eat, others should also chew slowly slowly, ie u0026 ldquo; Sanrorogau, Sutu, Bai Jade Pulp u0026 rdquo;

It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people eat three or four sonsoles every morning and evening.

Put the chestnut in the mouth and chew in the mouth. When you have a slag, when you become a slurry, you can maximize the health effect.

Cooked food chestnuts and stomach spleen, relieve spleen deficiency.

Steamed the chestnut, frozen, made into a cake, suitable for children with less diet, thin body, to increase appetite, conditioning the stomach.

With chestnut and glutinous rice porridge, it is also conducive to the chronic diarrhea patients caused by spleen and stomach, and the elderly are indigestion, and the qi deficiency is weak.

If you are indigestion, please eat more chestnuts, although nutritious, there is a good care of kidney fitness, but it is not advisable to eat.

u0026 ldquo; It is not easy to digest, and it is easy to eat.

u0026 rdquo; experts say.

Sophisticates with high chestnut starch, and children with bad digestive function are best to eat less.

After the chestnut is cool, starchIt will be aging, it is not easy to absorb, so eat chestnuts to try it as much as possible.

In addition, diabetics, constipation patients, maternal women should not eat more chestnuts.

One other than 10, and it is best to be a snacks between the two meals, and eat the amount of staple food should be reduced accordingly.

In addition, the spleen and stomach is cold, and the crowd of indigestion should not eat more, and it is not good to eat.

Due to the high heat of chestnuts, sugar fried chestnuts is higher, and diabetic patients should pay more attention to the time of eating chestnuts, so as not to affect the stability of blood sugar.

In addition, the chestnuts need to chew in any case, whether it is eating or cooked, to achieve a better chewing effect.

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