Diet health: duck meat

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Diet health

Introduction of duck belonging to the vertebrate door, bird gang geese, duck family, domestication from wild green head ducks and spotted ducks.

Duck meat is a delicious dish, suitable for nourishing, and is the main raw material for various delicious famous dishes.

People are commonly said u0026 ldquo; chicken duck fish u0026 rdquo; four major codes, duck meat protein content is much higher than the meat content of animal meat, moderate fat content and evenly distributed.

Nutritional analysis of duck meat is low, and it is easy to digest.

The B vitamins and vitamin E contained in the B are more than other meats, which can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and various inflammation, and can also resist aging.

Duck meat contains a richer tobaccoic acid, which is one of the components of two important coenzymes in the human body. It has a protective effect on patients with heart disease such as myocardial infarction.

The general population of the relevant population can be eaten 1. It is suitable for people with heat and fire in the body; people who have low heat, weak constitution, loss of appetite, dry stool and edema are better.

At the same time, it is suitable for malnutrition. Postpartum diseases, dysfunction, night sweats, nocturnal emission, lack of menstruation, dry throat thirst; also suitable for cancer patients and radiotherapy chemotherapy , Chronic nephritis edema; 2. For the diet caused by the deficiency of the body, the cold pain caused by coldness, cold pain in the stomach. Diamonds are thin, low back pain and cold dysmenorrhea, as well as obesity, arteriosclerosis, and chronic enteritis should be eaten less; patients with colds should not be consumed.

Production guidance 1. Add a small amount of salt when cooking, the broth will be more beautiful.

2. Duck meat is a delicious dish. The duck can be made into roast duck, plate duck, crispy duck, duck bone soup, duck slices, dried duck strips, fried duck heart flowers, coriander duck liver, Duck palm and other dishes.

Duck meat is suitable for nourishing, which is the main raw material of various delicious famous dishes.

3. Duck meat, duck blood, and duck inner gold are all medicinal.

4. Gong Duck’s meat is slightly cold, and hens are slightly warm.

It is better for those who are old and white, white and bone.

Stew with old and hypertrophic ducks and sea cucumbers, which have great nourishing effects. The stewed duck juice, good for the yin of the five internal organs and the fever of the deficiency.

5. Stewed duck meat and kelp can soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and have good effects on aging arteriosclerosis and hypertension and heart disease; 6. Duck meat and bamboo shoots stew together, Can treat the blood of the elderly with hemorrhoids.

Therefore, the folk believes that ducks are u0026 ldquo;

Fatty ducks also cure elderly tuberculosis, diabetes, spleen deficiency edema, chronic bronchitis, dry stool, chronic nephritis, edema; male duck tuberculosis, diabetes.

Food and therapeutic effects duck meat is cold, sweet, salty, and returns to the spleen, stomach, lung, and kidney meridian; can nourish the yin of the five internal organs, clear the heat of deficiency, nourish blood, nourish the stomach, nourish the stomach, nourish the stomach, nourish the stomach, nourish the stomach,Shengjin, cough self -alarm, eliminating snail accumulation, clearing heat and strengthening the spleen, weak puffiness; cure the body, post -illness, physical weakness, and malnutrition edema.

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