Diet health: Five types of food, beauty, beauty, anti -aging often eat menstruation during menstruation

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Diet health

Introduction: Female eating pairs during menstruation can not only alleviate various symptoms of menstrual periods, but also beauty and beauty.

Next, I recommend 5 categories of food suitable for menstruation, and introduce some menstrual dietary precautions and beauty anti -aging methods. Let’s take a look at learning together.

Eat 5 large foods and anti -aging periods.

The human skin is divided into three layers of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, which affects the skin beauty.

The leather is composed of elastic fibers, and the most important substance that constitutes elastic fibers is chondrose sulfate.

If this kind of cartilantin is lacking in the human body, the skin will lose elasticity and wrinkles.

Therefore, eating more sulfuric acid -rich foods can delay the occurrence of skin wrinkles and keep the skin elastic and delicate.

Eat more foods rich in nucleic acids such as fish, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., which can eliminate elderly spots.

Research in recent years has found that replenishment of nucleic acid foods can delay aging and prevent the production of skin wrinkles.

Researchers use 30 women as objects to allow them to take 800 mg of nucleic acid daily and appropriate vitamin C.

A month later, observed that the elderly spots on the nine people disappeared, the wrinkles on the five people’s face disappeared, and the eight people’s rough skin became more moist, and the skin of others was improved compared to before.

Eat more panty -rich foods such as vegetable acidity and pyromics, which is not determined by letting the mouth feel, but refers to the ending of the food after entering the human body.

Symbly foods include most vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood.

Studies have shown that excessive acidic foods make blood acidic and increase the content of lactic acid and uric acid in the blood accordingly.

These substances come to the surface of the skin with sweat, which will make the skin no vitality and lose elasticity. Especially the skin of the face will relax the skin. When it encounters cold wind or sunlight, it will easily crack.

Eat more pantye foods, which can make the blood appear weak, reduce the content of lactic acid and urea, and reduce the erosion and damage to the skin.

Eat more foods rich in collagen such as turtles such as turtles, such as pig skin, trotters, turtles, etc.

According to the analysis of nutritionists, 26.4%of protein per 100 grams of pork skin is 2.5 times the pork, while the fat is only 2.27 grams, half of the pork.

Especially the protein in the skin, the main ingredient is collagen.123]
This collagen has the function of increasing skin water storage, moisturizing the skin, and maintaining the balance of moisture in the skin tissue cells.

Collagen is the main raw material for skin cell growth. It can make human skin plump, white tender, reduce or disappear wrinkles, and make people look young.

Vitamin A can maintain the flexibility and luster of the skin like carrot vitamin C and E as antioxidants, which can prevent subcutaneous fat oxidation, enhance the vitality of skin epidermis and leather cells, and avoid premature skin.

Iron and copper can fill the blood to fill the skin, make the skin sufficient nutrition, and avoid early appearance of wrinkles.

Pay attention to foods rich in vitamin A, C, E and trace element iron and copper, which is also conducive to anti -wrinkle.

Women’s menstrual diet precautions should pay attention to diet arrangements during menstruation. In addition to some diet taboos, they also pay attention to supplementing nutrition.

During the menstrual period, some foods that are good for u0026 ldquo; Water’s trip u0026 rdquo; such as mutton, chicken, red dates, tofu skin, apple, coix seed, milk, brown sugar, longan, longan, longan, etc.

During the menstrual period, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. Avoid cold food, should eat warm and hot.

Medicine of the motherland believes that blood is hot, and cold is stagnant.

The menstrual period is cold, one hinders digestion, and the second is vulnerable to the human body yang, which causes cold to produce internal cold, cold stagnation, which can cause poor menstrual blood to run well, cause too little menstrual blood, or even dysmenorrhea.

Even in the hot summer season, it is not advisable to eat cold drinks during menstruation.

The menstrual diet should be warm during the menstrual period. Choose kelp, jujube, sorghum rice, barley, lamb, apple and other foods, eat less pear, coriander, diamond horn, winter melon, kale, marijuana, etc. Cold, slippery food.

2. Avoid spicy food stimulating food.

The lady in menstruation feels particularly fatigue, weakens digestion, and has a poor appetite. Therefore, pay attention to the lightness and easy digestion and absorption of food in the diet, and avoid eating foods that are too acidic and irritating, such as mountain planting , Sauerkraut, vinegar, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc.

3. To prevent iron deficiency and meat and vegetables.

Iron is an essential trace element in the human body.

Iron not only participates in hemoglobin and many important enzyme synthesis, but also plays an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging and energy metabolism.

Due to the loss of iron during the menstrual period, it is very important to supplement iron -rich foods.

Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other iron are rich in iron, and biological activity is large, and it is easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body; and soybeans and spinach are rich in plant iron with low absorption rates.

Therefore, pay attention to the matching of vegetarian food during menstrual periods, and eat more animal foods to meet the special needs of iron during menstrual period.

Simple detoxification, moisturizing, nourishing face, anti -aging, and really beautiful women are raised, and real healthy women are clear.

Detoxification and clearing your body, making you healthy and beautiful.

Food detoxification method gives your body a big cleaning within 5-7 days, and self-cleaning toxins.

After getting up, drink a large glass of warm lemonade and do not eat immediately after getting up or busy wash your face and brush your teeth. At this time, you need a piece of fresh lemon (if there is no fresh, dry lemon slices can also be ) The warm water, it can promote the kidney cycle and stimulate the beginning of the day’s metabolism.

If you have the habit of taking Victoria’s life or fish and oil balls every day, you can also take it together to help absorb the most nutrient elements in the next breakfast to ensure the normal operation of the day’s nutrition and body.

Benefizable of detoxification of pyromics 1. The liver is an important organ for detoxification, so it must slow down the liver’s overload movement.

It is necessary to control the intake of wheat, meat, dairy products, salt and sugar, food additives, preservatives, saturated fat, wine and fried food.

Taking rice as a staple food, it can purify the stomach and won’t increase the burden of digestion. The starch it contains is also a pitch to clear the liver.

2. Enjoy vegetables and fruits. High -detoxification foods are: kiwi, citrus, grapes, pineapple, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, water fields, and paddy.

Don’t worry about all vegetables a little bit bitter because they contain purification substances.

TIPS: People who use food to detox may not feel good at the beginning of the two days, but don’t be nervous. The human body is entering a kind of u0026 ldquo; rehabilitation crisis u0026 rdquo; at this time It can cause headaches and fatigue.

The exercise detoxification method is the most suitable way for those who like to do but do not have to cook or have no conditions for fasting.

1. Take at least 30 minutes a day to do some gentle and soothing exercises, such as jogging and playing Tai Chi.

2. Practice abdominal breathing: lie down flat, inhale with nostrils, then screen qi, airflow passes through the abdominal cavity, and then slowly exhale from the nostrils.

3. Wash mulberry to help sweat, and take a cold bath after 10 to 15 minutes to stimulate blood circulation.

4. While exercise, you must replenish water at all times, or you can drink green tea, but you must not drink carbonated drinks.

Sports drinks on the market, it is best not to drink in a few days of detoxification.

Beauty detoxification method skin is an important way to detoxify the body,And when the toxins in the body accumulate too much, the skin will first call the police.

The skin tone is dull, dry and non -light, frequent acne, and severe greasy -these are signs of physical poisoning.

Warm reminder: The food introduced above often eats good health effects for women’s bodies. Beautiful women may wish to eat more.The other ways to nourish the anti -aging method introduced by Xiaobian, try this together.

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