Diet health: Ginger and green onion steamed sea bass

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Diet health

When I was young, I was often said by the elders: u0026 ldquo; good!Eat more fish and eat fish smart!u0026 rdquo; In fact, this is really true. Eating fish will not only make people smarter, but also protect the heart blood vessels, and even make people happier.

The following introduces this cooked recipe ginger and green onion steamed sea bass: cooking material materials: sea bass (1 tail), ginger (1 small), green onion (4) seasoning: the knife is pure mustard seed oil,The cooking method of salt, sugar, and soy sauce 1 Ginger peels and cut it into ginger shreds; washed the green onion, cut into sections of the white part, and cut into green parts into green onions.

2 Pergame to remove the inner intestine, wash it, and apply salt and oil to the inside and outside of the fish.

3 Take a large plate, put the fish on the plate, stuffed ginger slices in the belly, and the fish is also covered with little white and ginger.

Boil a pot of water, put the fish in the steamer, steam the water for 8 minutes, and start the pot.

5 Start with another oil pot, stir -fry the ginger and green onions, pour in soy sauce, season with a little sugar and salt, and pour it on the fish.

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