Diet health: ginger men’s aphrodisiac must be the first choice

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Diet health

Introduction: u0026 ldquo; Men cannot have ginger without ginger u0026 rdquo; I think this sentence has heard this sentence, in fact, the ginger is naked.

Men are people with insufficient yang, and they can change the treatment of ginger through ginger.

It can delay male aging and enhance the prostate function.

So how to eat ginger correctly to reach the effect of the aphrodisiac? It is a good way to add vinegar when eating ginger.

Because the sour taste is convergent, Jiang Xuanfa’s power converges, and Jiang sex becomes peaceful, and there is no spicy taste of Jiang.

What are the effects of vinegar soaked ginger slices? Vinegar directly goes to the liver meridian. When the liver encounters acid, it will converge. At this time Liver Yang Qi.

Method of vinegar soaked ginger 1. Ginger washed and dried in water 2. Slice, not too thick, too thick soaking in the later period, not easy to taste. 3. Take a small bowl or other container, put the ginger in ginger in ginger , Pour in rice vinegar 4. You can have ginger without ginger. After three days, you can eat 1-3 tablets after dinner in the morning.

At 7-9, the stomach meridian is the order. At this time, eating ginger is more helpful to raise the stomach qi and promote digestion.

Generally, it is not recommended to eat at noon or evening, especially at night.

I ate a piece when I started to eat, and then gradually adapted. Now I eat 3 tablets.

You are determined according to your own degree of acceptance. If you are not used to this taste, you can eat only one piece, and you can eat 2-3 tablets.

But it is not advisable to eat too much. This is long -term consumption, and the amount should not be large.

If you feel that you ca n’t eat it empty after meals, you can eat breakfast.

Do not use this prescription with excessive gastric acid.

Vinegar feet soaked with athletes and athletes, commonly known as u0026 ldquo; beriberi u0026 rdquo;, which is caused by tinea, yeast -like bacteria, and non -dermatococcus sile fungi, with high prevalence.

The effect is good.

The method is: ① Pour 2000 ml of boiling water into the basin, and add 400 ml of vinegar when the patient can tolerate it. At this time Soak once a day or one hour. This method can treat mild ringworm.

② Taking 2000 ml of vinegar to soak the feet in the temperature that can be immersed in, half an hour or one hour a day can be treated with severe ringworm.

Chinese medicine believes that vinegar has the effects of nourishing bloating, dispersing water, killing evil poison, and relieving itching, so it is very symptomatic with vinegar to remove athletes.

In addition to health care, vinegar also has the effect of beauty.

If women want to face moist and youth, the key is to reduce peroxide lipids in the body. Oxide lipids are not only the culprits of various diseases, but also the cosmetic nemesis.

Vinegar can make you have a beautiful face for this kind of peroxide lipids.

1. Reduce wrinkles: After washing your face at night, take 1 spoonful of vinegar and 3 spoons of water mix, dip it with cotton balls, gently rub it on the face with wrinkles, and then gently massage with your finger belly gently massage Just wash.

This method helps eliminate small wrinkles on the face.

2. Soft skin: Wash your face and hands first, and then immerse in warm water and hand with vinegar warm water. After 5 minutes, use water to wash. Do this for a long time. Delicate, the amount of vinegar added to the water should be less, and the water is not changed.

3. Freckle removal spots: mash the appropriate amount of Chinese medicine atmuroral and blend with white vinegar, seal and soak for a week.

After washing the face every day, the place where the noodles were spots, and the freckles can gradually be eliminated and retreated.

4. Driving tiredness: For pots, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to warm water. After bathing, you can not only remove the skin aging stratum corneum, but also eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate. The face also looks rosy.

Some girls have a lot of dandruff, and all kinds of removed hair washing fluids are not used.

Before going to bed every night, use 1: 1 vinegar and water to apply wet dandruff, gently rub the roots, and wash with water after 10 minutes.

This can inhibit excessive dandruff and eventually cure.

It is also effective to use warm water with vinegar.

Drinking vinegar for a long time can easily cause the teeth to corrode and decreased. Therefore, when drinking vinegar, apply water to dilute. Try to swallow it directly with a straw, and then rinse your mouth with water.

Do not be jealous during an empty stomach, so as to avoid excessive stomach acid and hurt the stomach; people with too much stomach acid should not drink vinegar.

Ginger Buyang Healthy Men should eat more u0026 ldquo; Men must not have ginger without ginger, women must not have sugar without sugar.

u0026 rdquo; This proverb is widely circulated in the people.

In general, ginger u0026 ldquo; qualitative u0026 rdquo; to help the yang can delay male aging and enhance the prostate function.

Ginger Buyang, but those with yin deficiency and fire should not be according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Ginger is considered to help the yang, so it is favored by many men.

What are the special benefits of ginger for men? Taking fresh ginger as an example, it can enhance appetite and delay the aging of the male body.

Many men who enter the middle and elderly stage often cause weakness due to the disturb of the gastrointestinal tract cold, lack of appetite and other factors. At this time, it is recommended that patientsIt can contain more fresh ginger slices to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion.

The freshly listed ginger does not have u0026 ldquo; old ginger u0026 rdquo; so the taste is easier to be accepted, and it is more moisturized and not wounded after entering the gastrointestinal tract.

However, ginger should not be used for dry stool.

For people with humid constitutions, ginger -hearted warmth can only be applied under cold, and the amount is likely to break the blood and hurt the yin.

In particular, if you are accompanied by the symptoms of yin deficiency and fire such as sore throat, dry throat, and dry stool, ginger should be suspended at this time.

In addition, it is worth noting that rotten ginger contains toxic substances, which is damaged to the liver, so you must not eat it.

Summary: Vinegar can better achieve the role of nourishing yang.

Jade can also remove freckles and fade and solve fatigue.

Male friends want to eat ginger quickly.

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