Diet health: pharyngitis dietary treatment method

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Diet health

Article Catalog I. Purple Food Treatment Method 2. Prevention and Nursing of pharyngitis 3. Common factors of pharyngitis. Pharyngitis Therapy method 1. Passionate pharyngitis, trial mouth contains garlic Can be removed.

It is best to pick up the purple leather garlic with raw garlic.

At the beginning, the tears were spicy, and the oral mucosa was painful.

2. When eating watermelon, don’t discard melon.

Take 250 grams of melon peel, add two large bowls of water, boil until a large bowl, add a little rock sugar, and drink cold and drink.

It can cure pharyngitis.

3. Have chronic pharyngitis. There are always itching and dryness in the throat. There is no sputum but it is cough. Especially at night, it is impossible to fall asleep.

You can find a small piece of “Xuan Ginseng” before going to bed, which can be contained by the tooth or under the tongue.

Put it all night and vomit after getting up early.

4. Take 10 walnuts, remove hard shells, do not remove clothes, take it twice in the morning and evening.

15 days is a course of treatment.

Walnuts have the effects of anti -inflammatory, lungs, phlegm, and cough.

Creative diseases such as throat swelling and pain, cough and other diseases.

5. Bake the leather coke of 5 red dates with a torch, and rush into the sugar water to drink; take an appropriate amount of tea to wrap it with gauze, soak it with boiling water into a thick tea juice, and add an appropriate amount of honey to mix it. Rinse once in 30 minutes, swallow slowly, and use it many times.

These methods have a good effect on the treatment of sore throat and sore throat.

6. Massage cure laryngitis, massage method: After getting up early every day, apply 3 drops of wind oil essence in the left hand palm, massage (clockwise) throat 20-30 times.

After 2-3 months, the condition can be greatly improved and basically recovered after a year.

7. Salmonitis causes swelling of the throat, dry throat and itching, and swallowing a foreign body sensation. It can adopt the tongue root movement method and can receive good results.

That is: closed mouth, tip of the tongue to the teeth, rotated 18 times, 18 times, and then swallowed the liquid in the mouth three times, and insisted on doing it once in the morning and evening.

The prevention of chronic pharyngitis in the pharyngitis is a dystocia, and the course of the disease is long, so nursing is more important.

The content is nothing more than five aspects of diet, residence, labor, medication, and spiritual care.

These five are more important in chronic pharyngitis.

1. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, alcohol, and spicy.

“Gu’s Medical Case”: “Smoke is the queer of Xin heat, the wine is the most damp -heat.

Mustard garlic and all spicy hot objects can hurt yin.

“2. Pay attention to nutrition.

” Su Wen · Yin and Yang Yingxiang’s theory “:” Insufficient essence, make up for it.

“” Su Wen · Wuchang Zhengda “:” Valley meat and vegetables, eat all the food.

“All emphasize nutrition.

3. Life and work need to be in a fresh air environment.

When ordering.

Pure is affected by aura, and it is impulse to be stimulated.

Therefore, people are chaotic.

“4. The room should be cold and warm.

5. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.
” Su Wen · God of God “: Form and God ended their year.

“Overworked workers, they must hurt and get sick.

” Shangshu · Traveling Mastiff “:” Playing people’s mourning, playing with things.

“Playing is an excessive synonymous word.

The funeral shape must be scattered and declining.

Qi, qi lesions cause vita injury.

Common factor of pharyngitis 1. Pathogenic microorganisms: including bacteria, viruses, spirals, Lixi secondary body, etc., are the main pathogenic factor of acute pharyngitis, which can be directly derived from air , Diet, you can also indirectly comes from blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

2. Physics or chemical stimuli: If you speak too much, like spicy spicy, hot hot diet, excessive tobacco and alcohol, chemical gases, dust, etc. Air pollution can damage the mucosal epithelium and glands of the pharynx.

Destroy the local defense system.

3. Climate, seasonal factors: Cold can cause pharyngeal mucosal blood vessel contraction, the number of phagocytes can be caused by the number Decrease, local resistance decreases; drying can affect the secretion of mucus and cilia crohaa, reduce the cleaning and humidification effect of the air, and directly cause stimulation and damage to the mucosa of the pharynx; It is also easy to cause a decrease in resistance and pathogenic invasion of pathogenic microorganisms.

4. Neighborhood organ diseases: nasal cavity; sinus, oral, teeth, gums, throat, bronchium, bronchial, etc. The mucous membranes, sub -tissue, local lymph and blood circulation invade the pharynx, or the inflammatory secretions repeatedly stimulate the pharynx, or the breathing of the nasal disease can be forced to breathe, which can cause pharyngitis.

5. Systemic diseases: allergic constitution or suffering from systemic diseases, such as rheumatism, gout, diabetes, heart disease, anemia, nephritis, bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial dilation, tuberculosis, liver sturd and digestive diseases caused Poor, constipation, etc., can lead to decreased resistance of the whole body and swallowingBlood circulation disorders, which cause pharyngitis.

6. Other excessive fatigue, mental tension, insufficient sleep, etc. are also common factor that induce pharyngitis.

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