Diet health: the harm of betel nut to the heart

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Diet health

Article Catalog 1. Betel nut harmful to the heart 1. The harm of betel nut to the heart 2. What will happen if you eat more? How to eat betel nut? 2. The nutritional value of betel nut. What is the betel nut? The harm of the betel nut to the heart 1. The harm of the betel nut to the heart is not good for the heart, it is addictive and excited, and it is very harmful to the heart, respiratory system, kidney, and nervous system.

2. What will you chew betel nut if you eat too much betel nut. In addition to turning your teeth black, wear, shake, gum atrophy, causing periodic periodic disease, sub -oral mucosal fibrosis and oral mucosal leukoplakia, and will also be. Causes oral cancer.

According to the survey, 88 % of patients with oral cancer have the habit of chewing betel nut.

The population of chewing betel nut is growing sharply, and it is estimated that more than 2.6 million people have been in Taiwan; the average age layer of chewing betel nuts has gradually declined; and the universality of chewing betel nut is also low from low from low. Social and economic status and labor -class population expand to high intellectuals in the white -collar class.

3. How to eat betel nut to eat betel nut correctly. Taiwanese people have a very skillful set of skills. The leaf with pepper aroma, stir the lime, apply a little knife on the leaves, roll it up.

Then cut the betel nut and place the rolled rolled leaves in the middle, so that the old vine, lime, and betel nut chew together.

It is said that if the three are missing one, betel nut is not only tasteless, but people will also think that you are a cold -blooded animal.

After eating betel nut, because the three objects are mixed, it is red, and the eaters chew and vomit. However, chewing cheeks rosy, blood veins are open, and the whole body is warm, like drinking a glass of thin wine.

Therefore, people who eat betel nuts in Taiwan are not limited to young men and women, but even the old man without teeth will be chewed and chewed.

The nutritional value of betel nut, betel nut contains the nutritional elements and beneficial substances required by the human body. The main ingredients of betel nuts are 31.1%phenol, 18.7%polysaccharides, 14.0%fat, 10.8%rough roughness Fiber, 9.9%moisture, 3.0%ash, and 0.5%biological biological.

Betel nut also contains more than 20 trace elements, of which 11 are trace elements necessary for the human body.

The seeds of betel nut containing total creature 堿 0.3%-0.6%, mainly betel nut, and containing a small amount of betel nut mackerel, removing betel betel nut, alien methyl betel nut, betel nut, high betel nut, high betel nut and high betel nut鞣, etc., all of them exist with tannic acid.

There are also tannins, fat, Glycol, semi -lactose, sucrose, tea essence, table two tea, colorless anthocyanin, betel nut red pigment, saponin, and a variety of primary vector chrysanthemums, trimers, tetracida, etc.

The composition of fatty acids contained in: 19.5%laurel acid, 46.2%nutmeitic acid, 12.7%palm acid 1.6%, 6.2%oleic acid, 5.4%linoleic acid, 0.3%twelve carbonic acid 0.3% Fourteen carbonite 7.2%, also contains amino acids.

Among them, prolitine accounts for more than 15%.

How to make betel nut is made of betel nut because betel nuts are weak acidic plants, so the appropriate amount should be added when washed with water. You can also clean the surface of the betel nut fruit thoroughly. Pay attention to the water before processing must be cleaned with water.

Furthermore, in order to prevent unnecessary waste due to the premature mildew of the betel nut fruit, the water of the hair must pay attention to disinfection.

Try to keep the environmental drying of betel nut fruit as much as possible.

The process of the hair child plays a very important role in the taste of the final product, so it must ensure the time of the child.

The general hair time is 5-7 days.

We must grasp this time.

Finally, because the fragrance process will finally determine the last taste of the product betel nut, so you must strive to achieve the best aroma combination and use in the combination of spices. In order to prevent the loss of aroma and the beauty of the appearance, it can be appropriately applied to the colloid.

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