Diet health: what to eat in gums swelling

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Diet health

Article Catalog I. What to eat gum swelling 2. Reasons for gum swelling and pain 3. How to prevent gums from swollen gums and what to prevent gums? It can effectively clear the heat and relieve heat. In addition, watermelon also has the effects of diarrhea, appetizing, and digestion.

In particular, men with unfavorable urination and yellowing yellow, etc., eat more watermelon in normal life, also have a very effective effect of urination.

Because watermelon has a good anti -fire and cool effect, patients with gum swelling and pain often eat more in autumn and winter to eat more to prevent and control.

However, due to the cold and water of watermelon, some patients with heart failure and edema cannot eat more in their daily life, so as not to aggravate the condition.

In addition, normal people should not eat watermelon excessively, so as not to cause diarrhea.

2. Sugarcane sugarcane is the most common fruit in autumn and winter. Chinese medicine in my country pointed out that sugarcane flavor is sweet and cold, and it also has very effective effects on clearing heat and moisturizing.

Therefore, the folk in my country often acts with sugar cane to suffer from fever, upset and thirst, nausea and vomiting, and the treatment effect is very effective.

There are still many people who are prone to lung cough, stool dryness, gum swelling and pain, etc. in autumn and winter. These discomfort can be effectively relieved by sugar cane.

But sugar cane contains a lot of sugar, so experts remind some high blood sugar and diabetic patients to pay less attention to eating less in daily life, so as not to lead to blood sugar instability and increased blood sugar.

3. 荸 荸 is an underground fruit. Generally, it is common in the southern region of my country. The mature season is mainly autumn.

Chinese medicine in my country believes that the smell of crickets is sweet and cold, and proper consumption can play a good role in clearing the lungs and stomach. Eat more appropriately in life.

Modern medical research found that the nutrients contained in the coriander also have anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, stools under the stool.

Especially for some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it has more effective prevention and therapeutic effects, such as flowing brain and hypertension.

In addition, symptoms such as chronic cough, vomiting and phlegm also have a good therapeutic effect.

4. Apple can say that everyone is no stranger to apples. Chinese medicine believes that apples are sweet and cool, so they have very effective rational, appetizing, and spleen effects.

Eating more apples in autumn and winter also has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, astringent intestines, so patients with these symptoms live in daily lifeI should eat more apples.

In addition, Apple also has the effect of lowering cholesterol prevention arteriosclerosis, and regular consumption can also effectively prevent cancer.

In addition to the soreness of gums, in addition to being caused by the fire, if there is no vitamin in the human body for a long time, it will also be caused. Therefore, pay attention to supplementing more foods rich in vitamins in daily life.

Causes of gum swelling and pain 1. Gingivalitis, periodontitis: The most common cause of gum swelling and pain, generally poor oral hygiene and incomplete cleaning, which causes dental plants Stimulation causes oral inflammation, and symptoms of gum swelling and pain occur. Whenever inflammation worsen, swelling and pain will be more obvious.

2. Tooth decay: If there is no timely treatment of tooth decay, it will form pulpitis, hurt the pulp nerve, cause periodontitis, which causes gum swelling and pain.

3. Food inlaid: If the teeth are relatively large or the edges of the dental teeth are not close, it is easy to cause food inlaid when eating. Swelling and pain, also accompanied by bad breath.

4. Endocrine causes: Some women in endocrine disorders, and during menstrual periods and during pregnancy Due to changes in hormones in the body, the endocrine environment changes can cause gum swelling and pain.

5. Body diseases: some systemic diseases, such as leukemia, scurvy, hemophilia, malignant anemia and other diseases, there will also be symptoms of gum swelling and bleeding.

6. Simply getting on fire: The upper meeting will also cause gum swelling and pain. If the weather is dry, the human saliva secretion is reduced, the respiratory tract is dry, and some spicy foods are eaten. When you get angry, you will have swelling gums.

How to prevent gum swelling and pain 1. Use warm water brushing teeth and warm tea and mouthwash: Because the pulp nerve is sensitive to temperature, especially to teeth with teeth with teeth It can cause toothache, and warm water is a natural protective agent for teeth, which can prevent allergic toothache; tea contains fluoride, and often uses warm tea with rinse, which can protect tooth to prevent caries and treat toothache.

2. It should be warm when eating, do not eat sour food, because the teeth are most suitable for metabolism in the oral temperature of 35 ° C -36 ° C and a weak acidic environment with a pH value of about 6.8. If Eating cold, overheating temperature differences or sour and sweet irritating foods can cause toothache.

3, commonly used desensitization or acid -proof toothpaste brushing teeth.

These two types of toothpaste contain fluoride, and fluoride can prevent teeth from dehydration and decarcal in an acidic environment, which has the effects of anti -acid, anti -age, and pain relief.

4. Use garlic to rub and relieve pain: those with severe wear, and those with a clear sore sore area, can repeatedly rub the sensitive area with raw garlic heads, 1-2 times a day, 1 time every time —After 2 minutes, soreness will be significantly reduced or disappeared after 1-2 weeks.

5. After eating acidic foods such as vinegar, yogurt, or sour fruit, if you have a teeth sore, you can use walnut kernels to chew in your mouth, because walnut kernels are pyrades, and slowly chewed it.The teeth will not be sore with the acidic substances on the teeth.

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