Diet health: what’s the matter with sore hands and feet

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Diet health

Article Catalog I. What is the sore hand and feet. 2. Sore hands and feet sore diagnosis. 3. What foods to eat can improve the sore hands and feet soreness. Insufficient soreness is insufficient qi and blood or poor blood circulation (not through).

When the qi is insufficient or the driving force is weak, it is sore, and the pain is pain when it is not allowed or not smooth.

It hurts if it does not pass, but it does not hurt.

Some people with cervical spondylosis or lumbar spondylosis also have this symptom.

It is sore and painful caused by compressing blood vessels or nerves, ducts, medullars, etc.

2. What is the soreness of hands and feet: The general situation of rheumatoid disease hands and feet is caused by the situation of rheumatoid diseases.

Another situation of strain and arthritis.

In this case, the general situation is to fight O, C reactive protein, blood sink, rheumatoid factors, and arthropodes.

Treatment according to the clinical specific situation.

Don’t be tired or cold.

3. What is the soreness of hands and feet: 3.1, acute sore muscles after exercise or a short period of time in a short period of time in the exercise or after the end of the exercise.

Acute soreness is related to the interruption of blood flow when the muscle force is forced. In the case of ischemia, the metabolic products cannot be removed, and the accumulation is piled up in the muscles, which is stimulated to the pain of the pain.

It is fully recovered about one minute after stopping exercise.

3.2, chronic soreness of chronic sore muscle often occurs between 24-48 hours after training.

The degree of chronic soreness of muscle is related to the form of muscle contraction. Corresponding contraction is most likely to form chronic soreness of muscle, and the contraction is the least significant.

When the muscles have chronic soreness, muscle strength decreases significantly.

4. What is the soreness of hands and feet: Under other diseases, there are many reasons for sore hands and feet, such as periarthitis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine bone hyperplasia, or limb muscle tendon to run meridian meridian operation. Wait for it.

Diagnosis and diagnosis of hands and feet soreness 1, limbs soreness, weak hands, legs, legs, knees, limbs soreness and weakness. In fact, it is called paralysis in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Before the evil poisonous gas invaded the five internal organs, the first feeling was sore hands and feet, and the limbs were sore, sinking, pain, and needle. This is the signal of the meridians and the last line of defense. Damaged, thereby destroying the human nerve conduction function system and causing nerve necrosis. In the end, stroke, hemiplegia, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, diabetes, gangrene, regretful for life.

2. Systemic pain and soreness after exercise refers to those who do not exercise or exercise frequently. After participating in severe exercise, it will cause sore muscles.

When a person performs strenuous exercise, the decomposition of the muscle sugar is accelerated, and the oxygen consumption increases, so that the muscle is temporarily in a relatively hypoxic state. At this time, the muscle glycogen can be converted into lactic acid in the muscle.

Lactic acid accumulates a lot in muscle, which will stimulate the chemical sensor in the muscles to cause excitement, excitement to the cerebral cortex, which makes people feel sore.

At the same time, due to the accumulation of lactic acid and other substances, the osmotic pressure in the muscles increases, prompting more water in the muscle tissue to absorb local swelling, and it can also feel sore.

Sore, lazy, dizziness, and sinking legs.

Continuous fatigue that cannot be relieved for a long time.

What foods to eat can improve the soreness of hands and feet 1. Poistic food.

Vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables, fungus algae vegetables, and low -sugar fruits such as pear, which are strong foods, which can neutralize lactic acid and accelerate the discharge of lactic acid.

Do not use big fish, big meat to appreciate yourself after exercise, big fish, big meat and other fishy fishy belong to a strong acidic food, which is not conducive to the excretion of lactic acid in the body.

You can choose high -quality protein sources such as soybean products, milk such as soy products, milk and other protein.

2. Food rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C can not only alleviate fatigue after exercise, but also sufficient vitamin C is also a raw material for synthetic collagen, which is conducive to the repair and growth of muscle ligaments.

Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, kiwi, potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, okra, dragon fruit, dates, etc. are all good sources of vitamin C.

3. Food rich in zinc.

Zinc can not only maintain the sensitivity of taste buds, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, help food digestion and regulate appetite. More importantly, it is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of cell DNA. The new generation of muscle cells accurately generate, accelerate the repair of damaged microvascular to accelerate the process of muscle recovery.

Foods rich in zinc is best to choose an appropriate amount of seafood, nuts, all -valley food.

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