Diet health: when to drink honey is the most healthy

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Diet health

Introduction: We all know that the health effect of honey is very high, but when you also have to drink right, when will honey water drink good? Let ’s tell you when to drink honey in autumn. Let ’s take a look at it! When you drink honey in autumn health, the biggest climate characteristics of the most healthy autumn are drying, and honey can be moisturized, so it is very suitable for autumn.

It is recommended to choose morning when drinking honey, because drinking honey in the morning can quickly replenish physical fitness, so that a day has sufficient spirit.

But people with cold spleen and stomach should not drink immediately together, but should eat something before drinking, for example, you can drink honey water in breakfast, or eat honey on steamed buns or bread. Do not avoid Drinking honey on an empty stomach can cause diarrhea.

At the same time, there are many types of honey, including locust nectar, osmanthus nectar, jujube nectar, etc., and the honey made of different flowers is still different. When you choose, you can choose according to your own needs. Most suitable.

I want to use osmanthus honey osmanthus honey with u0026 ldquo; Kim Furong u0026 rdquo; It is the first choice for Ms. Love, because its skin moisturizing and beauty effect is better to fall in love with people who eat Huai honey and fell in love with fire. In the autumn, it is easy to dry and dry, and there are symptoms of fire. It is best to choose Huaihuo honey, because its lungs and drying effects are very good.

The body is weak in the body, the nectar of the jujube, bellies and jujube is dark, the fruit sugar content is high, and the content of trace elements is particularly rich. It has the effect of soothe the gods and blood, so it is an ideal food for middle -aged and elderly women and weak people.

What are the benefits of drinking honey water for honey? What are the effects and effects of honey? Honey has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, intestines, moisturizing the lungs, detoxifying, etc. Its pharmacological effects are also different.

Lubricating gastrointestinal and improving honey has curative effect on colonitis, habitual constipation, and constipation of the elderly and pregnant women.

25 grams of honey in the morning and evening belly, which can regulate gastrointestinal function.

Honey can disappear stomach disease and stomach burning sensation, and have effects on stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastric perforation, indigestion and chronic gastritis. And nourishing.

Dietary prescriptions: Eat it with banana meat dipped in honey, several times a day, the curative effect is significant.

Anti -inflammatory pain, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough honey can moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, and relieve pain, and at the same time, it can increase and reduce blood lipids in human hemoglobin.

The folk has always circulated a recipe for treating tuberculosis with honey and milk or animal oils, which has a good effect.

Dietary prescription: Patients with hot and hot cough can take one sweet pear, peele the core, and then cut the slices and mix honey to eat.

Patients with tuberculosis can be used with honey 50-75 grams and rhinitis patients with 10%honey water solution in the inhalation device to atomize and inhale the respiratory tract. The condition quickly relieved.

Nutritional myocardium, improving glucose in metabolic honey can nutrition myocardium and improve the metabolic function of myocardial muscle, so that cardiovascular diastolic and improve blood circulation.

Because honey can ensure normal blood flow, it has a certain effect on improving heart failure and heart.

Dietary prescription: Take 50-75 grams of honey daily. Taking it for a long time can effectively improve the myocardial metabolic function.

Helping sleep and sedative honey is a good medicine to help sleep, because it is a sedative that can act on the whole body.

Folk medicine still uses honey to treat many nervous system diseases.

Dietary prescription: Take a spoonful of honey before going to bed, plus a little cricket flower, honey flower, west lotus, and grass (can be taken alone, can be mixed), use warm water), then use warm water to make it, and then make it with warm water. It became a good cup of sleeping Ning Ning Shen Bee Honey Tea.

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