Diet health: youth is not old -fashioned, a wonderful medicine

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Diet health

The skin is always smooth and firmer, the eyes are always bright and dark, the energy is strong, the vitality is infinite, and the functions of the heart, the bones have been staying at the time of the wind and the time. Do not old myths happen to yourself? Of course, the medicine that is not old is unable to find it, but experts have found that some foods do have the effect of delaying aging.

As long as you can eat it, you can even be 20 this year, 18 next year! Almost all diseases caused by age are the result of DNA damage, and some foods contain substances that protect the brain function and antioxidant. Resistance and delay this damage.

Of course, the benefits of a healthy diet for delaying aging are not just that.

Some foods also prevent heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, vision decrease, and even wrinkles.

In order to forever youth, these foods should be a frequent visitor in your vegetable blue.

Keeping brain power Blueberry: Like pomegranate and strawberries, it is rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins that are very important to maintain brain function.

Malt: It is rich in vitamin E, which can effectively fight free radicals.

In fact, people who eat enough vitamin E compared to those who lack vitamin E, the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will decrease by 70%.

Various vegetables and fruits: Eating less in fat and food, and eating more vegetables can reduce the risk of dementia.

Poultry: Iron intake can cause the consequences of sluggishness such as fatigue and headaches. Animal products such as meat, fish and poultry contain iron that can be easily absorbed by the human body.

Strawberry: Like citrus fruits, strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, which can resist cumulative pressure. In addition, vitamin C can greatly improve the ability of the human body to take iron from the meat.

Hard food: Eating only soft food can make people lose their thoughts, early aging and degeneration of their brains.

Eating more hard food can stimulate the brain and delay its aging by exerting the chewing function of the teeth.

Therefore, it is necessary to equip one or two hard or relatively hard foods on the table, such as fried peanuts, vegetable rods, dried fried fish, vinegar mixing cucumber, and so on.

When buying snacks on weekdays, you may wish to buy some relatively crispy and hard foods, exercise your cheeks and teeth, activate the brain cells in the brain, and prevent the brain from shrinking.

Bright eyes will always be good at the symbol of youthful big eyes. Eating the following foods can make your eyes clear and clear for a long time.

Orange: The vitamin C in it and other citrus fruits is a good helper to block cataract.

AlmondVitamin E is important for protecting the health of eye tissue and cells, and it can even reduce the possibility of leukin.

Carrot: The vitamin A contained in it is very important for protecting the night vision.

Mountain walnuts: containing a large amount of zinc, which can reduce the risk of eye diseases due to age, and improve the function of the immune system.

Red wine: Red wine contains antioxidants, one cup daily, which can delay the occurrence and deterioration of pigmentation.

Long -term use of red wine can reduce the risk of blood clots and stroke.

Spinach: Contains vitamin A, which can effectively prevent ordinary types of cataract.

Spinach also contains lutein (one type of carotene), which is beneficial to the retina and crystals.

Eggs: Egg yolk is an important source of lutein, which can promote eye health.

Have a u0026 ldquo; childlike u0026 rdquo; Aging starts from the heart, you must not want you to have a 60 -year -old heart at the age of 30.

So, how u0026 ldquo; childlike u0026 rdquo; forever? Grain food: Grain foods can not only make breakfast quickly, but also treasures to protect the heart.

They contain folic acid and B6, and long -term intake can make women halve the chance of heart disease.

Garlic: The antioxidant containing can reduce cholesterol.

To fully release the antioxidant ingredients in garlic, it is best to use fresh garlic, and add it to the food for 15 minutes after peeling.

Dried fruit: rich in vitamin E, folic acid, potassium fiber, and arginine (a kind of amino acid that can be used to produce a nitrogen molecule that relaxes blood vessels and blood flow).

Studies show that eating dried fruits a few times a month can reduce the risk of sudden heart disease and cardiovascular disease by 30%u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; 50%.

Among them, the rich u0026 omega; -3 fatty acids can effectively prevent arrhythmia, and even prevent hematoporama.

Salmon: Avocado: The unsaturated fat contained in it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Dark chocolate: Among them, flavonols can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it is necessary to limit the amount of milk chocolate, because the mixed cocoa oil contains a lot of unfavorable fat to health.

Youth’s skin and strong bones smooth and delicate skin, dense and shiny hair, tough and healthy bones, are undoubtedly an indispensable sign of youth.

Stay to this, you stay to youth.

Olive oil: Contains a large amount of basic fatty acids that can tighten pores and maintain hormonal equilibrium to maintain the elasticity and smooth skin.

Basic fatty acids can also improve the ability of the skin to fight red dots and inflammation.

Pig skin or trotters: rich in large molecular colloidal proteins, which can keep the water inside and outside the tissue cells balanced, making the dry loose skin soft and moist.

Chicken feet, sea cucumber, etc. also have similar effects.

Melon: Collagen is critical to keeping the skin’s firmness, and carotene contained in melon can reduce the damage to collagen.

Walnut: He Shouwu, Black Beans: Can prevent white hair.

Tofu: All soy products contain a large amount of amino acids that can promote the growth of new cells, while the calcium in tofu can keep the skin clean, enhance the skin’s elasticity and gloss skeleton.

In addition, the elements similar to estrogen -like in tofu can also alleviate the thermal heat and vaginal dryness.

Pepper: Contains a large amount of natural silicon elements, and keeps hair, the lubrication of the skin and nails is quite beneficial.

Spinach and cabbage: It contains vitamin A, which is very important to the skin’s firmness.

Chicken: Contains inorganic lipoprotein and vitamin B, which is conducive to increasing skin energy and resistance and moisturizing the skin.

There are not many proteins contained in chicken, but the zinc content is considerable, which can keep the collagen in the skin healthy.

shellfish: contain vitamin B12, which helps healthy skin and keep skin elasticity and gloss.

Orange: Helps increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Cold water fish: Dahaha (salmon), Dabofish and other cold water fish contain protein, magnesium and 3 types of fatty acids. These substances are important for skin repair and bone protection.

Golden tuna contains a large amount of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which helps the health of teeth and bones.

Dairy products: contain vitamin D and calcium, making people’s bones and teeth strong.

The more daily dairy products, the smaller the risk of osteoporosis.

The bones began to be loose at the age of 30, but the prevention of low -fat milk, yogurt and cheese supplement should begin as soon as possible.

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