Do Ginger Coca -Cola boiled water?Do Ginger Coca -Cola need to add water?

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Ginger Coca -Cola is a kind of drink that we drink in our lives for a long time. So many people are confused. Do you need to add water when cooking ginger? Regarding, does Jiang Si Cola want to boil water? Do Ginger Coca -Cola need to add water? I will answer you one by one!

Ginger Coca -Cola wants to boil water for boiling ginger cola without adding another boiling. Put the cola in the pot, cut the ginger or silk, and cook for 3-5 minutes to drink. Ginger Coca -Cola is a must -have in our winter. It is not only delicious and delicious, but also eliminates the effects of cold, moisture, and health care!

Ginger Coca -Cola needs to add water? Many people are puzzled when they cook ginger Coca -Cola. Do you need to cook and add water. Xiaobian tells everyone that cooking ginger cola does not need to add water. As long as you cook the cola and cut the cut ginger for about 5 minutes, you can drink it.

Ginger Coca -Cola is comparable to the temperature of most parts of the country recently, and there are heavy snow in many places. There are more and more people who have a cold. I recommend a “special effect cold medicine” for everyone. It is cheap, non -toxic, and no side effects. The key is that the effect is very good. As long as you drink a bowl at the beginning of a cold, a cold is driven away. I have been drinking for several years, especially in winter, I have not taken cold medicine in recent years. Because it is three -point poisonous medicine, the cost of ginger cola is also three yuan, and it is delicious and cure.

Raw materials: 1 bottle of cola, 1 ginger.

Method: Open the cola and pour it into the cooking pot; peel the ginger and cut the filament; boil on high heat, turn it on low heat for 10 minutes to take it for 10 minutes.


1. Put the ginger silk more.

2. After drinking hot, lying on the bed covering the thick quilt sweat, and sleeping to ensure that the cold is half.

3. It is particularly effective for colds and colds. However, it must be effective in the early cold. Don’t wait for the cold to drink it seriously, so the effect is not good.

The benefits of drinking ginger Coca -Cola are a spicy and hot ingredient. Usually we drink ginger soup to help the cold, and Coke is a kind of drink that can cough, and the taste of ginger is too rushing. It can neutralize the taste of ginger. Secondly, Jiang Si Cola can help the cold prevention and sputum. Especially during a cold, ginger Coca -Cola can increase the heat of the body, as well as the inflammation and swelling and pain in the throat, which can be adjusted. And ginger cola and have the effect of warming the stomach, so ginger Coca -Cola is also helpful for the diarrhea caused by the treatment of cold.

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