How long does it take to marinate spicy cabbage? How many days should spicy cabbage be marinated?

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Hot cabbage is one of the famous Korean side dishes, which has the effect of appetizing and spleen. What will I introduce to you today? How long can I eat hot cabbage? How many days should I pick up?

How long does it take to pick up spicy cabbage? 1 to 3 days is the period when nitrite content is the highest, and its content is increasing during this time. Under normal circumstances, from the third day, the oxygen in the kimchi jar is exhausted due to the continuous reproduction of microorganisms, and the nitrate content in vegetables has gradually decreased due to the oxidation. Turning a relatively stable value. But this takes nearly 15 days. In the middle of the pickled, the kimchi lid must not be opened, because the entry of oxygen is not conducive to the decrease in nitrite content. After the kimchi is marinated for 20 days, the nitrite content will be reduced to a very low nitrate. Through this cycle, we can understand that when marinating for 1 to 3 days is the time period with the highest carcinogen content, and it should be eaten after 20 days. The kimchi stored for a long time (more than 30 days) is relatively healthy.

Marinated method of hot cabbage
ingredients: 1200g of Chinese cabbage, 1 apple, 1 pear, 150g of salt, appropriate amount of ginger and garlic, 100g glutinous rice flour, 150g of pepper noodles.


1. Prepare the ingredients, keep the cabbage, remove the rotten leaves of the outer layer, wash, and cut the cabbage horizontally.

2. The cut cabbage is placed in the basin and sprinkled with an appropriate amount of salt. About 7 to 10 spoons of salt per cabbage, apply evenly.

3. Wash the apples, pear, peel, and go to the nuclear.

4. Put apples and pears into the juicer and squeeze into the juice.

5. Ginger and garlic, cut, cut into the end.

6. Pour glutinous rice flour into the pot, and then pour in apple juice and pear juice.

7. Use medium fire to boil into a paste.

8. After boiling, wait for the glutinous rice paste to cool down, add chili noodles, pour minced garlic, ginger, and then stir well.

9. Take out the marinated cabbage and squeeze off the water.

10. Put the pepper paste evenly on the cabbage. Note that each piece must be wiped.

11. Finally put the kimchi into the seal container, put it in the refrigerator, ferment for 3-5 days, and it is completed.

Spicy cabbage production skills
1. The cabbage selected by hot cabbage is best green outside, and it is yellow core cabbage. This kind of cabbage is better to make spicy cabbage.

2. When cutting cabbage, cut the knife from the bottom, do not everything, cut it, and then open it with your hand, so that the cabbage will stick to the knife to the smaller, the taste will be better.

3. When making the cabbage in the cabbage, remember to bring gloves, otherwise your hand will be chiliThe killing hurts.If you accidentally dip the peppers in your hand, you can wash it with vinegar to relieve it.

4. Pickled spicy cabbage is best to use glass containers, which can be sealed best, because spicy cabbage tastes heavier, it is easy to skewers in the refrigerator.

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