How many are the persimmons a day?How many persimmons can you eat?

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Persimmon is a small food processed from persimmon, which can be preserved for a longer time, and the flavor is better. But although the persimmons are delicious, they should not eat more. So, how many persimmons can I eat a day? What are the benefits of eating persimmon?

Eat a few persimmons a few days of persimmons contains a lot of carbohydrates, but there are not many other nutrients. And although the persimmons are delicious, they ca n’t eat more. It is generally believed that it is advisable to eat persimmons without more than 200 grams each time.

The value of persimmons 1. Treatment of phlegm cough with blood: Qingzhou big persimmons, steamed on the rice, batch, each use one, mix a real Qing Dai money. Eat it when lying, under the mint soup. (“Danxi Compilation”)

2. Treatment of cough and spitting: dried persimmon burning gray, honey pills, rolling water. (“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”)

3. Treatment of heat and dilute and astringent pain: dry persimmons, light hearts, etc. Decoction, drink daily. (“Outline”)

4. Treatment of blood: White persimmons, black bean salt flowers decoction, put it in ink juice. (“Experience Fang”)

5. Treatment of blood dumpling: dry persimmons, burning gray, as the end. Rice drink. (“The World Doctor Effects” persimmon burning)

6. Treatment of intestinal wind: cotton nucleus (frying black, removing shell) three or two, pipeline (frying black) four or two, locust rice (frying fry ) One or two. The persimmon steamed pill pills, rolled four or five dollars under the morning soup. (“The Essentials of the Pork” persimmon pill).

Note 1. Do not eat persimmons on an empty stomach.

2. The persimmon skin cannot be eaten, because most of the tannic acid in the persimmon is concentrated in the skin.

3. Do not eat with foods such as crab, fish, shrimp containing high -protein.

4. Rinse after eating. The persimmon contains high sugar and fruit glue, which can easily cause erosion to the teeth.

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