How to eat a good tip of butter fruit?

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Avia is a tropical fruit, the nutrition is very high, and there is a good medicinal effect. Now let’s take a look at how the butter fruit is eaten, but the fruit tips.

How to eat a good tip of butter fruit?
1. There are many ways to eat butter fruit, but the fruit can be eaten directly, so it is the same as a lot of fruit. Eat as a caid in Taiwan in my country is to eat the skin of the beef fruit, you can eat it, or you can eat the fruit pieces in the bread, especially nutrition.

2. You can also make the mature avocado to make a sauce, put it into your fresh milk, and want to eat with add sugar. Put these materials into the stirrer, stirred is a special delicious butter fruit. The taste is very good. Availability can also make salad sauce.

3. Canioland fruit can also be made of California rolls. This is the US food, butter fruit and sushi mix together, put the butter fruit into a strip, paved with cucumber and crab on the seaweed, plus white rice Add some beautiful tanning, this is a delicious California roll.

4. The Japanese people’s nature’s way to eat is to cut a cyan butter, go to the core, then cut the skin, plus the soy sauce and mustard, so you can eat it. Just like eating salmon, the taste is very good, the entrance is instant.

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