How to eat grapefruit skin to eat grapefruit peel, beautiful taste eating

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Grapefruit is a common fruit in winter. It is produced in tropical regions in the south. It tastes sweet and sweet and nutritious. Most people like to eat. However, when people eat grapefruit, most of them will peel off the grapefruit skin and throw them away. No, the grapefruit skin also has a lot of room for use, which can be used for humans, but how should grapefruit skin eat? Many people don’t know. Here I have told you that there are many ways to eat grapefruit skin. After a while I will write the beautiful taste of grapefruit skin and share it with everyone.

How to eat grapefruit skin with beautiful flavors of grapefruit skin spicy fried grapefruit skin

1. Grapefruit skin can use chili pepper Stir -fried, the specific ingredients are two hundred and fifty grapefruit skin, one green pepper, one or two red peppers, one ends of garlic, 100 grams of lean meat, and the right amount of seasonings such as edible oil and salt and soy sauce.

2. Put the grapefruit skin in the pot and cook it with water, then remove it in the water for two to three days, then remove the water into shredded, and all the lean meat and red pepper and green peppers are all all. Cut into filaments for later use.

3. Put oil in the pot, add garlic and stir -fry after heating, and then put all the ingredients such as grapefruit skin in the pot and stir -fry. Add edible salt and stir well.

Grapefruit steamed bacon steaming bacon

1. Grapefruit steamed bacon is also particularly delicious, which will make the bacon have a seductive grapefruit aroma. When making, you need to prepare an appropriate amount of grapefruit skin, pumpkin and bacon, and also need to prepare an appropriate amount of sugar.

2. Wash the grapefruit skin with water, remove its green skin, and then cut it into a filament for later use. Wash the pumpkin and cut the outer skin, and cut the bacon into slices for later use. Put the edible oil in the wok and heat it to 50 % of the heat. Put the pumpkin slices in the pan and fry for a while, and remove it for later use.

3. Put the bacon slices of salt and chicken powder and white sugar, and then put the pumpkin slices in, sprinkle the grapefruit skin on the top layer, and then put it in a steamer for ten minutes. After steaming, take it out, sprinkle with the right amount of pepper and onion, and burn some hot oil to pour it on it to install it.

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