How to eat papaya and eat papaya

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Recently, when I went to the mall, I found that there are a lot of papaya on the fruit counter on sale, and the price is not very high, but for someone who has always lived in the north, papaya is a very strange fruit. Looking at it, I don’t know how to eat it. Essence But I still couldn’t hold back to buy two, and let the friends from the south teach me how to eat. As a result, my friend said to me that I knew that there was a lot of papaya. I recorded these ways of eating and let those People who have the same experience with me can understand how papaya eats.

How to eat papaya 1. Papaya milk

You can choose a cooked Senli, take 350 grams Prepare two cups of milk and a small amount of sugar and crushed ice cubes. Remove the selected papaya and the nucleus, and then cut it into a larger piece. The next step is to put all the wood melon pieces and milk, sugar and ice cubes in the cooking machine, and make papaya milk for a few minutes. Drinks have the effect of moisturizing and beauty.

2. Papaya fruit plate

It is also a good choice to eat fresh and mature papaya production results. You can cut the papaya into several petals, then remove the internal melon of the skin, place it in the plate, and put a few virgin fruits for decoration. If the fruit plate is not eaten in the day, you can also wrap it in a plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. It is no problem to store it for two or three days.

3. Papaya honey water

Select a papaya treatment into pieces, then put it in the soup pot, stew it in medium heat for ten minutes, and then close it to the small small. Ten minutes of the fire to turn off the heat, and when the papaya in the pot drops below 50 degrees, you can add 25 grams of natural honey for adjustment. This kind of papaya honey water has a particularly good health effect on the human body. The role of aging.

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