How to pickle Laba garlic

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Pickled Laba garlic is a custom in northern China. One day in Laba, it is marinated with vinegar every year. The marinated garlic can be eaten, and the pickled garlic vinegar can be used as a raw of dumplings for the New Year. However, for people in some areas, how to pickle Laba garlic is also a big problem. In fact, pickled Laba garlic is very simple, everyone can learn at a glance.

How to marinate Laba garlic 1. Before pickled Laba garlic, you need to prepare garlic and rice vinegar and a container that can be sealed. It is best to choose a glass container.

2. Remove all the prepared garlic, and remove the scars inside.

3. Prepare rice vinegar according to the size of your container, and prepare better quality, but the number of rice vinegar is preferably without garlic, not too much.

4. After cleaning the container, let the water inside air dry, and then disinfect it with boiling water before drying it. After doing the above, use a lid to seal the container, but put it in the room, or in the refrigerator.

5. The garlic will turn green for about twenty days, and there is a faint garlic in rice vinegar. At this time, the Laba garlic is marinated. You can add a small amount of Laba garlic and Laba vinegar, which has a good effect on removing the odor.

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