Is it good to eat shrimp to eat? What are the benefits of shrimp to eat?

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Everyone should know that most shrimps are shells, so is the shrimp to eat shells? What are the benefits of eating shell? Let’s introduce it together!

Shrimp to eat it if you eat it well without eating river shrimp. One is that the shrimp shell is not easy to chew, which may be stuck in the esophagus. 123] If you want to eat shrimp shells, you can eat the river shrimp and crispy, or you can wear river shrimp into shrimp sauce.

The main component of the shrimp shell is calcium shrimp to remove calcium. 123]
1. The effect of calcium supplementation of shrimp shells

The amount of calcium containing the shrimp shell is very high, but the absorption rate is not ideal. After chewing, it can be dissolved only a small part of the gastric acid in the stomach. Unless the shrimp shell is grinded into a shrimp shell powder, and the intake of vitamin D will be In addition to chewing shrimp shells to hurt the stomach, the effect of calcium supplementation is not significant.

2. The effect of calcium supplementation of shrimp
After the shrimp is removed, the calcium content in the shrimp is still very high And shrimp meat is tender and easy to digest. At the same time, the vitamin D contained in shrimp meat is the first of the seafood. Each hundred grams of shrimp contains 146 mg of calcium and the content of vitamin D is 123 micrograms. Magnesium and phosphorus, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus and calcium and magnesium is appropriate. These make the calcium in shrimp more easily absorbed by the human body. Babies of more than 7 months often eat shrimp. Effective calcium supplementation!

3. After the shrimp is removed

Shrimp is the shrimp after removing the shell. Select live shrimp as the raw material, wash the shrimp body with water, remove the shrimp head, shrimp tail and Shrimp shell. The pure shrimp after peeling is shrimp. Shrimp dishes are light and easy to digest, and it is appropriate to get digestion. Vitamin A, vitamin B1, Nikinic acid, high -quality protein, high -quality fat, etc., are the best calcium supplement and other nutrients. It is worth noting that the disease is not suitable for shrimp when it is on fire; , Gunnitis, repeatedly developing allergic dermatitis, should not eat shrimp; shrimp is a hairstyle, and people with skin scallion are avoided.

Nutritional value- shrimp is rich in nutrition, and its flesh is soft and soft It is easy to digest, and is an excellent food for those who are weak and need to be recuperated after illness; Reduce cholesterol content in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, and can also expand coronary arteries, which is conducive to preventing hypertension and myocardial infarction; Efficacy;- Scientists at the University of Osaka, Japan have recently discovered that the shrimp in the shrimp body helps eliminate the time differenceIt is sweet and salty, and returns to the kidney meridian;

– It has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, nourishing milk, nourishing blood and solid essence, removing blood stasis and detoxifying, nourishing qi and nourishing yang, Tongluo pain relief, appetizers and other effects;–The suitable patients such as kidney deficiency impotence, ejaculation of nocturnal emission, lack of milk, tendon and bone pain, hands and feet twitching, whole body itching, skin ulcer, physical weakness, and neurasthenia and other patients.

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