Method and nutrition of rock sugar papaya Sydney chrysanthemum drinking

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The practice of rock sugar papaya Sydney chrysanthemum drink is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Let’s learn the knowledge of the cold drink together.

Rock sugar papaya Sydney chrysanthemum drink


Sydney, Gong Chrysanthemum

The practice of rock sugar papaya Sydney chrysanthemum drink

1. Let the chrysanthemum be foamed with boiling water for later use.

2. Cut the papaya and Sydney and boil it for ten minutes.

3. Add the water soaked in chrysanthemum and rock sugar, which can be filtered by chrysanthemums to easily drink. After the rock sugar melts, it can be used to drink it.


Explain why the chrysanthemum and papaya Sydney are cooked together, because the water after cooking is bitter, so I just add the soaked water at the end. Okay, unless you like the suffering that deeply penetrates the throat. Chrysanthemum is the head -shaped inflorescence of chrysanthemum plant chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is a perennial herb. It is a variety of cultivation variety. Cultivated throughout the country. Medicinal chrysanthemums are cultivated with Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang, and Shandong.

When blooming in early November, it was selected to harvest in batches after the sun exposed water is dry or in the afternoon. And dry.

Nutrition analysis of rock sugar papaya Sydney chrysanthemum drink

The chrysanthemums produced by the chrysanthemums in Anhui County, the chrysanthemum; the chrysanthemum u0026 rdquo; ; Qianxian said that u0026 ldquo; Gongju u0026 rdquo;; mainly produced in Haining and Jiaxing, Zhejiang, called u0026 ldquo; Hangju u0026 rdquo; main produced in Henan called u0026 ldquo; Huaiju u0026 rdquo; Chrysanthemum u0026 rdquo;. Rock sugar is sweet and flat, and the lungs and spleen meridians;

have the effects of nourishing qi, and stomach moisturizing the lungs; Sputia and blood have a good auxiliary treatment effect;

Cough, asthma, pediatric malaria, oral diarrhea, eloquent sore, wind and fire toothache caused by lung dryness, lung deficiency, and wind and cold.

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