Tangerine practice guides honey orange diet

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I don’t know how much everyone knows the practice of honey orange. Let’s make Xiaojiao to guide you.

Tangerine practice guide

It is not appropriate to eat when meals or on an empty stomach. Don’t drink milk within 1 hour before and after taine, because the protein in milk encounters fruit acids to solidify, affect digestion and absorption. Oranges should not eat more, eat in time to brush the mouth, so as not to be harmful to oral teeth. The gastrointestinal function is poor, eat too many oranges, which is prone to stomach stones. The orange has more heat, if we have too much eaten, it will be u0026 ldquo; get fire u0026 rDQUO;, thereby promoting stomatitis, periodontitis. Excessive consumption citrus fruit can cause u0026 ldquo; orange disease u0026 rdquo;, appears, skin yellowing.

honey orange is suitable for people

The general population can be edited, cold cough, and the drink and cough should not be eaten.

honey orange diet

Tortoan flavor, cold, into the lungs, stomach;

It has an effect of appetizing gas and thirst;

Indications of chest, vomiting, small food, lack of gastric yin, thirst, pulmonary heat cough and excessive drinking.

Tangerine food phase:

Oranges with crabs, so that they are soft. The same flesh, making nausea. Do not eat with betel nuts. (Guided from “Diet”)

honey orange supplementary information

Huang Yan citrus has a long history. There is citrus record in the 3rd century BC, and it is 2300 years. When I was a book called “Linhai Soil and Lost Maid” in the Three Kingdoms, the Huangyan has a wild metal. Tang Dynasty Huangyan lactarch, has been listed as a tribute, Tang Zaishu Wusheng, “Send Wu Shi Yu Shima to Taizhou” poetry: Light Wu Wong, the article changed the rumor; the smoke forest is orange, Yunhai Haoohao. The long citrus cultivation history has formed a very unique orange town view in Huangyan. The old city is surrounded by the city, especially along the Chengjiang River, and the garden of the orange. Thousands of strains, there is no margin. The lunar calendar is four, in May, orange flowers are open, the flowers are overflowing, the city is spring, and it is beautiful. Eight, September, the oranges is mature, really u0026 ldquo; tired, Yin Hong cute, not like a fireball to be shocking u0026 rdquo ;. Zhu Xi said in the “Subridden Lukek Ox” in Summer, Autumn u0026 Ldquo; Doo Temols u0026 Rdquo; u0026 ldquo; Junjiachi Shangjiang paid, thousands of trees and exquisiteness; Doors askusa and autumn desire, one year of the best. u0026 rdquo; Tasty u0026 ldquo; a year of good ideas, the most orange orange green ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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