The effect and role of sand pear

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Sali is a kind of fruit. Shari is not only available, but also the skin of Shali can also be used for medicine. Let’s have to divide the effects and functions of Shari.

The efficacy and role of sand pear

1. The medication site of the sand

The peel of the sand pear.

2. The medicinal properties of Shali

Chinese medicine believes that sand pear is a kind of fruity with sweet, astringent, coolness.

3. The efficacy of sand pear

1) Sali has a good heat and thirst, and Shali also has a good role in reinforcing the Jinjin convergence. Sand pear can be used to treat dry cough, and it is also very effective for the treatment of fever and thirst. For people of sweat and other diseases, it is also suitable for eating sand pears.

2) Sand pear has the role of life and has a good moisturizing effect. Shari also has good phlegm and effect. It can relieve cough. Sand pear can also be thirsty, which is very good for treating heat cough and sputum heat. At the same time, it is good for crickets and constipation.

3) Shar pear is a kind of fruits with crispy and delicate meat. The juice is also particularly rich, sweet and sour, and can also be detoxified. It can also soften blood vessels. At the same time, it can also delay health effects such as aging.

4. Dosage of sand pear

Give fresh products 2 to 4 two. If it is 3 to 5 dollars, add water and decoction.

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