What are the benefits of banana peeling feet? Can banana skin soak feet lower blood pressure?

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Bananas are common fruits in our lives. Everyone must not know that the banana peel still has a lot of effects. Today, I will introduce it to you. What are the benefits of banana skin soaking feet? Can bananas skin soak their feet lower blood pressure? ?

What are the benefits of banana skin soaking feet. Usually, we eat the remaining banana skin at home, which can be used to soak feet. The walking movement has caused a lot of dead skin and old skin after his feet. Banana skin can only remove these annoying substances. Boil water with 3 banana peel, soak your feet for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, cool the water and heat the water!

Banana peeling feet can lower blood pressure? Banana skin bubble feet have no obvious effect. Although the banana skin has a certain effect of regulating blood pressure, the effective ingredients are greatly diluted after boiling the banana peel, and the foot soaking its feet directly has no direct effect on regulating blood pressure. The treatment of hypertension should also be actively treated. However, there are many potassium ions contained in bananas. Eating bananas can supplement a large amount of potassium ions. Potassium ions can inhibit blood vessel contraction and protect blood vessels; eating bananas can also inhibit the increase in blood pressure caused by sodium ions; Has a good effect.

The role of banana peel boiled water 1. Treatment of skin itching: Banana skin contains banana skin, it can inhibit bacteria and fungal breeding. Patients can choose fresh banana skin and repeatedly rubbing repeatedly in the skin of the skin (ringworm, tinea, tinea, etc.), or mings into mud or frying water. For several days, it can work.

2. Treatment of oral ulcers: Banana peel is a good Chinese medicine that is very good. Its dry product plus another Chinese medicine name is: the carbon mother (also known as the charcoal hair) to cook water, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to season, season, season, season Drinking can cure inflammation, ulcers, and laxative.

3. Anti -depression: The skin of immature bananas, whether it is chopped or boiled with water, or squeezed into juice to resist depression. This is because the green banana skin contains a high amount of 5HP, which can be converted into serotonin after cooking. However, here is a special reminder that kidney disease and diabetic patients should eat less.

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