What are the nutrition of papaya, papaya nutritional value

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What are the nutrition of papaya? I believe many friends are not clear, let me tell you below.

Papaya papaya, also known as u0026 ldquo; Wanshouguo u0026 rdquo;. u0026 ldquo; Wanshouguo u0026 rdquo; A word from the Emperor of the Emperor u0026 ldquo; Wanshou u0026 RDQUO; Papaya is not only delicious, sweet and delicious, but also large, sweet, sweet and smooth, so it is called u0026 ldquo;

There is Shiyun: u0026 ldquo; Lingnan fruit king sweet papaya, the ancient species of the ancient species, the fruit aroma, the fragrance of the fruit, the gastrointestinal, and the world of vitality. u0026 rdquo; Because papaya can cure wet itching and evil qi, wetness and stomach, nourish the spleen and lungs, and benefit longevity. Therefore, the people call papaya u0026 ldquo; Wanshouguo u0026 rdquo;

Papaya contains sugar, a large amount of pectin, gum, apple acid, alcoholic acid, citric acid, saponin, flavonoids, papaya, vitamin (B1, B2, C) and a variety of carotene compounds.

Papaya is sweet and flat. Can remove dampness and tendons, wake the spleen and stomach. Suitable for rheumatoid arthritis, gastrocnemiosylus spasm, acute gastroenteritis, lumbar muscle strain, indigestion, kidney disease, etc.

Papaya contains vascorrhtylene ester, which is a broad -spectrum antibiotic, and has effects on yeast, 20 fungi and dozens of other strains. The papaya -containing papaya is significantly anti -cancer activity for lymph -like leukemia L1210. Papaya enzymes can reduce tumor tissue.

The nutrition of papaya is rich in papaya, which can help digestion and should be used as the consequences of the patient’s meal. Papaya can help decompose proteins into various amino acids to facilitate digestion and absorption. Method: 90 ~ 150 grams of papaya, fresh food, reduce the pain of gastric and duodenal ulcer. Lack of milk and sweat: 250 grams of fresh papaya, 1 trotter (or 250 grams of fresh fish), boil soup.

In the autumn, the mouth is dry, dry cough, no sputum, sore throat, and even cough causes chest pain. Eat a bowl of papaya rock sugar water, which will feel the sound and moisturize the lungs. The mature papaya can also be eaten as vegetables. It has a good taste for fried, clearing, and stewed meat.

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