What can I eat with me?

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The plum is made of fresh green plum fruit. Since it is fruit, then what can I eat together? What do you do? In this issue, let ’s introduce it to you in detail!
What ca n’t eat talk together as a snack, there is no food, but when you need to pay attention, you can eat almost five or six a day. Too much consumption will lead to the symptoms of getting angry and very very symptoms!
[ 123] Mo Mei can’t eat more 1. There are more preservatives such as plums, and the words of plums are not good for the body. During the processing process, some honey or fruits often add too many sugar or preserved sugar or preserved sugar or preserved sugar or fruit. Salt, some preserved foods such as preserved fruits may also contain preservatives, pigments, and flavors, which will affect health. If the salt content of snacks such as plums is very high, eating more is not beneficial. Long -term intake of a large amount of salt will induce hypertension to induce hypertension.

2. Occasionally eating one or two occasional eating can promote digestion. The calories of 1 plum are 4 kcal, and the calories are not too high, but it is ranked in the top of the top several. For junk food, eat less.

Mei Mei’s nutritional value Meizi Yi people, first of all, have a wide range of use in medicine. On the eyes of the navel; if the green plum juice is cooked, put it into the bottle. Once stomach pain, dip it with chopsticks, it will relieve pain.

Someone also soaked in green plums with liquor. It became a mellow green plum wine. I usually drink a little green plum wine, which can treat rheumatism and bone pain, sprays of injuries and lumbar muscle strain. Li Shizhen wrote in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Convergence of lungs, warm the spleen, hemostasis, sputum, swelling and detoxifying, rejuvenating and quenching thirst, cure for long cough and diarrhea …

Self -control plum method 1. Wash the green plum, go to the pipe.

2 Put the green plum in the container and sprinkle with an appropriate amount of salt.

3. Gently rub the green plum, stick to the salt.

, The seeping water has melted salt.

5. At this time, you can add cold water to soak the light salt water soaked in green plums. Put a cool place for 2 days. In the cricket, two days under the sun.

7. Prepare a good glass jar, a layer of green plum and one layer of sugar, the proportion of green plums and sugar is 1: 1. The post -green plum is only about 170g, and 120g of white sugar is marinated.

8. Cover the lid, shake the bottle a few days ago, and shake the being melted. After the month, you can eat the self -made plum.

Cooking tips 1. The ratio of green plum and sugar is 1: 0.7.

The exuding juice becomes sweet and sourGreen plum juice is used to soak water, or cooks for cooking. It is a very good choice. If you don’t like the moistness of the epidermis, you can remove the green plum and save it on the surface.

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