What can pear can’t eat with what

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Pear belongs to the family of Rosaceae. The mature pear is golden, and the meat is fresh and juicy. The folks often use rock sugar stewed pear to treat the symptoms of cold cough. There are many types of pears. What we introduce here is mainly about the taboos of pear.

What can pears eat with what 1. Pear can not eat pear -rich acid -rich acid with the same medicine. Reduced the effect, the patient took medicine and did not take medicine.

2. Diabetes patients must not eat the same. Because the sugar content of pears is high, there are disadvantages for patients with diabetes.

3. Pear and crabs cannot be eaten with pears. The crab tastes salty and cold, and both are cold products. Mixed eating may cause diarrhea and hurt the stomach.

4. Those who are not suitable for those who are not suitable for the crowd, blood deficiency, and those who are afraid of cold, those who are cold -hearted, thin stools, and cough and phlegm with cold and cold Eat, avoid hurting the body.

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