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Huang Tao has the symbol of Fushou auspicious in ancient my country, and is known as “Xian Tao” and “Shou Tao”. Its fruit is beautiful and sweet. It is rich in vitamin C and various cellulose, as well as nutrients such as metric acid, citric acid and other nutrients. The ingredients have the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and raising, digestion, and anti -aging.

Small files of fruits and vegetables

Alias: Peach, Snow Peach, Shou Tao

Section: 鲱 [

Flower fruit period: Autumn
123] Nutritional ingredients: Vitamin C, Carotene, etc.

Sexual flavors: cool, sweet acid, spleen, lung meridian

The health effect of yellow peaches

It helps digestion: yellow peach meat contains large pectin, which is easy to be absorbed and used by the human body, helping gastrointestinal digestion

Anti -aging: Yellow peaches are containing adulterated antioxidants, such as α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, lycopene, and vitamin C, which can prevent a variety of diseases and delay aging

If you want to choose a good yellow peach, you can start from three aspects, namely appearance, color and taste. In terms of appearance, the more rounded and full yellow peaches, the more delicious; from the perspective of color, the cooked yellow peaches are seductive golden yellow, with short hair, more aroma, and less red and bright; Good yellow peaches have a more fulfilling chewing feeling, delicate meat, elasticity, smoothness, more juice, and high sweetness.

How to eat the most nutritious

Huang Tao Sheng eats the most nutritious, and the pectin in its flesh can be better absorbed and helps gastrointestinal digestion.

Suitable crowd: generally per capita, very suitable for patients with swelling patients.

In unpleasant people: The sugar and heat contained in yellow peaches are relatively high, and people with diabetes, internal heat are strong, and are susceptible to sores. It should not be eaten.

Suitable matching: suitable for eating with rice, which has the effect of reducing phlegm and blood, moisturizing intestines and laxatives; suitable for eating with pork, it has the effect of nourishing yin and fire.

It is not suitable to match: It is not advisable to eat with turtles, and it is easy to cause diarrhea symptoms: not to eat with shochu, it is easy to dizziness.

Pre -food suggestion
1. It is not suitable to eat without mature yellow peaches, so as not to cause bloating or raw crickets.

2. Before consumption of yellow peaches, you can directly rub the epidermis of the peach with salt, and then rinse it with water to remove the peach hair cleaner and avoid allergic reactions.

How to store the most fresh

Storage of fresh yellow peaches, the most suitable temperature is 0 ° C, and the relative humidity is larger. It is best not to refrigerate in the refrigerator for more than 3 days.

Food link

Fried yellow peach

Materials: yellow peach, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, fresh cream, cooked pine seeds.

Method: (1) Huang Tao went to 8 small portions. (2) Put the thin layer of trade oil evenly. (3) Put it in yellow peach tablets and fry it with a small heat. (4) Add an appropriate amount of water, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, boil over low heat and cook for a while, and collect the soup. (5) Put the cooked yellow peaches and soups in the container, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate, and pour fresh cream and cooked pine before eating.

Efficacy: Beauty and skin care, anti -aging.

Freshly squeezed yellow peach juice

Material: Yellow peach and bee lactation.

Method: (1) Wash the yellow peach, peel, cut into small pieces, put it in the stirring container, and pour the appropriate amount of cold water. (2) Pour in an appropriate amount of bee lactation. (3) Power power, stir into juice, then power off, pour in the cup, and sprinkle with a few edible silver bead decoration.

Efficacy: Delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, and promoting appetite.

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