Can people with diabetes eat pears?

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Pear is a relatively common fruit in autumn. Many people prefer to eat pears in autumn, which can not only play a role in moisturizing the throat and lungs. Eating a pear during a cold can also help cough. However, some people with diabetes have such concerns. Pear tastes sweet. Will it cause blood sugar to rise if you eat pears?

Diabetic people should be cautious to eat fruits is a very correct attitude. This is because although some fruits have high nutritional value, there are indeed a lot of sugar contained in it. If patients with diabetes have such fruits Not only does it not be able to relieve the disease and strengthen the body, but also cause blood sugar to rise and cause other hidden dangers.

However, what I want to tell you is that people with diabetes can eat pears. This is because although pears are sweet, the sugar content of pear Control the amount of eating pear daily at about 300 ~ 500 grams, then there will be no risk of causing blood sugar to rise.

For people with diabetes, it is also very important to choose the correct time eating pear. This can reduce the risk of blood sugar. People with diabetes can generally choose to eat pears between two meals or while sleeping, and do not advocate that they eat pears immediately before or after meals. This will increase the body in the body too much carbohydrate, thereby increasing the burden on insulin.

However, Xiaobian needs to remind you of patients with diabetes. Although diabetic patients can eat pear, for patients with very unstable diabetic blood sugar, it is best to eat less or not eat pears to avoid Affect your condition.

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