Can the buds be eaten?

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Tudou is a very common food in our daily lives. Many families have fried potato shreds or cooked potatoes on the tables or small restaurants. And it is not easy to save potatoes. If it is not stored, it will cause new buds to emit the potatoes. So can I eat the potatoes with buds?

Generally speaking, if the potatoes are sprouting, it is not possible to eat it because it contains toxins in it After eating, it is harmful to the human body. However, the germination part can be cut off, and the rest can be continued. So, why is it toxic after the potatoes germinate?

This is because the potatoes we eat are actually its tuber. There will be many depression on the tuber. “, Usually there will be a set of axillary buds in the buds, and there will be top buds at the top of the tuber. Before the potatoes are stored, if the storage method is incorrect, for example, if the temperature is too high, or if there is sunlight to the potato tuber, the potatoes may emit new buds. When potatoes germinate, their germination parts will produce a lot of enzymes. These enzymes will turn the nutrients in the potatoes into substances that are conducive to the growth of potatoes. In the process of transformation of these substances, a substance called “Dragon Sunflower” will be produced. This substance is a biological cymbal that has the effect of hemolysis and stimulating mucosa. Although the fresh potatoes also contain dragon sunflower, their content is relatively small and will not cause damage to the human body. In the process of preservation of potatoes, the content of the dragon in the tuber will be more and more. When a new bud or black is made, the content of the dragon sunflower contained in it is toxic to the human body. If people accidentally eat these potatoes containing high -content dragon sunflowers, food poisoning is prone to occur.

Once food poisoning occurs, people will have symptoms such as cerebral edema, congestion, and dissolving people’s blood cells. People with mild symptoms will cause dizziness, dehydration, Symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, and if poisoning is severe, it will cause heart failure or even death.

So when you eat potatoes, it is best to choose fresh potatoes and pay attention to observe whether the potatoes have germinated. If you have germinated, it is best to throw it away Essence

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