Garlic health effect is first -class

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Garlic, everyone has eaten, and many foods are indispensable for its existence. For example, some cold dishes, or you must have garlic when eating dumplings, you can taste it, and it also has a good role in sterilizing. If there is no garlic, I think a lot of food is dim. So don’t underestimate the magical effect of garlic. In fact, garlic is not only a necessity for people’s lives, but also a food with many health effects. Everyone must not know it well. The garlic is spicy and unpleasant. Why is it delicious? Don’t know. Today, I will introduce the effects of the health care of garlic.

1. Stomach stomach expectorant, resisting the lungs of the lungs

Garlic has stimulating gastric secretion, enhancing gastric motility The effect can promote gastrointestinal blood circulation, can also stimulate appetite and increase the appropriate role. Although the smell of garlic is unpleasant, it can effectively stimulate the mucous membrane and improve the effect of expectorant. If you often cough, you may eat more garlic, which can have a relief effect. Garlic can resist tuberculosis and can treat tuberculosis to a certain extent.

2. Detoxification and sterilization, antibacterial and anti -inflammatory

Chinese medicine introduced that garlic can kill virus qi, treat cold wind, remove poisoning, and mash external application to treat sores, snakes, stream poison, stream poison, and stream poison, stream, stream poison, Sand lice can have the effect of anti -virus. If these diseases have the impact, you can try to use garlic to kill virus and sterilize, which can have anti -inflammatory effects, and it is more effective than some drugs. Try it.

The garlic oil in garlic can kill a variety of fungi, adjust the intestinal parasites, can remove poison, because it has strong antibiotics, and it has good suppression for some dysentery or E. coli Function, if these bacterial infections appear, try the special effects of garlic.

3. Warm stagnation, anti -cancer and anti -cancer
Garlic is no matter how familiar with everyone. Garlic has the effect of health care, and also has the effect of resistance to disease and anti -cancer. Frequent eating is helpful for physical health. If you do n’t like to eat garlic to see it so good, do you still want to eat it? Effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Look at the above content, is it necessary to praise the garlic. In fact, there are many foods in life that have great benefits to the human body As long as we find out carefully, we can find a lot of food that is good for health. Everyone can eat garlic at all times, which is helpful to the body. If you do n’t like to eat garlic, you may wish to find the reason for you to accept.

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