Homemade collagen mask

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In life, female friends are happy to use various beauty products to maintain their skin. Having healthy skin is the yearning for everyone. And collagen is one of the first choice products for people to maintain skin in daily skin care products. Collagen is called “protective umbrellas of the skin”, “living reservoir”, etc., which shows that collagen has a good care of the skin’s care. Although human cell tissue contains a certain amount of collagen, this substance will disappear over time. So we should take the opportunity to supplement collagen in time. Plastic protein mask is one of the common skin care methods for people.

The benefits of applying collagen mask

According to the suggestion of beauty experts, the best time for applying the mask is before sleeping at night. The mask is to separate the skin of the face from the air to better promote the skin’s absorption of nutrients. We all know that the mask rich in collagen can help absorb collagen to the face skin to a greater extent, so the skin of the mask will become more moist, firmer, healthy, and apply for a long time. The skin is far away from various stains, dull, wrinkles. As a result, the skin is charming.

How to make a collagen mask?

Modern people prefer “self -reliance” in social life. So in life, people are more willing to make (DIY) collagen mask, so let’s take a look at what good ways!

“Lazy” collagen mask

Let’s prepare the collagen powder in an appropriate amount, pour it into a clean bowl, then pour the lotion, or stir it well in pure water Essence Then put the disposable mask paper in the made mask water, and wait until it is fully dissolved, and apply the mask on the face.

“Food therapy” collagen mask

We all know that pig skin is rich in collagen, so we can first cut the pig skin into a small piece, and then add it to the pot to add appropriately After the water, slowly boil into a paste with low heat. Wait until it cools it evenly on the face, or it has a certain effect for rubbing the face.

“Family” collagen mask

We take the appropriate collagen powder to reconcile with honey, then cut fresh cucumber into a small piece, and then apply a well -blended mask solution on one side And put this side on the face.

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