How can I identify the pros and cons?

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Many people like many people like to eat, because it is very rich, how can we distinguish the goodness of parents when buying a heart?otherwise.1. The outer shell looks very happy, which is generally bleached, and the not bleached happy fruit shell is slightly yellow.2, can also see if the heart is bleached, and the unfolied nut is light green, and the bleaching is dark yellow.3, can also determine if the parents are bleached by “listening”, and naturally mature, the fruit shell is automatically cracked, the shell of the ruthenium is connected at the bottom; but the happiness of the dried fruitBasically, it has been separated from the outer casing, and there is a sound when shaking.How to distinguish the pros and cons of pistachios, how to distinguish the parents, although the parents are bleached, but they are still safe, but they are more likely to lose the nutrients than the happiness than the bleached.

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