How to cook black pork is the best

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I do n’t know if you usually pay attention when you buy pork, do you pay close attention to whether the pork you buy is white pork or black pork? What are the differences between these two kinds of meat? How can black pork be cooked more delicious?

In fact, most of the pork we usually buy is white pork. Black pork is often eaten in some developed areas. This is Because black pork uses white pork, it uses organic breeding methods, and the growth cycle is slow, so natural nutritional value is higher, and the price is more expensive compared with white pork.

Today, I will introduce the practice of a black pork -crispy black pork.

The required raw materials:

Black pork, onion, green peppers, cooking wine, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, starch, flour, egg white juice, white sugar each in appropriate amount

Specific cooking method:

1. After loosening the black pork purchased with a kitchen knife, cut into small pieces, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, etc. Set for a while;

2. Wash the green peppers and onions and slice it in the oil pan for a while;

3. Add egg white, starch, flour to mix in the meat pieces; mix well;

4. Take a small bowl and put in white sugar, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, tomato sauce to season;

5. Put the pork into the oil pan and fry until golden yellow Remove it later, put it in the plate with the side dishes, and pour the sauce.

The growth cycle of black pork is relatively slow, so the meat of black pork is more chewy, and it is generally stewed to eat more nutritional value. Today, the tender black pork introduced by Xiaobian not only tastes delicious and tender, but also can play a good role in promoting digestion and preventing colds. You may wish to try it at home.

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