How to make glutinous rice wine in glutinous rice wine at home

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We all know that food can be brewed. After the glutinous rice is treated with special processes, it can brew the fragrant rice wine. The concentration of rice wine is much lower than that of liquor, so the entrance is not so strong. So, how do we make glutinous rice wine at home ourselves?

The materials that need to be prepared:
4000 grams of glutinous rice, 500 grams of rock sugar, an appropriate amount of wine tunes

Specific practice:

1. Select rice, Taomi: Choose a full glutinous rice, soak them in a sufficient amount of water for a period of time. You need to replace the water 1 to 2 times so that the rice will not become sour. It is better to soak to rice grains.

2. Steamed rice: After draining the soaked glutinous rice, put it in the pot for steamed rice. Note that during the steamed rice, the firepower should be fierce. After about 5 minutes, add an appropriate amount of water, and then then act about 10 minutes. When the rice grains are swollen, loose, and shiny, it means that it has been steamed.

3. Put the wine song: Put the steamed rice outside for a while, and when the temperature drops to not hot, add an appropriate amount of wine and stir well, about 21, about 21 When the degree Celsius is around or so, you can put the rice in the wine altar and add an appropriate amount of water to stam it.

4. Ferment: Because the rice will ferment under the action of the wine, it is necessary to stir with a wooden stick every two or three days, press the rice, wine, etc. to the water, and then seal it. This can make rice better fermentation. After about 20 days of fermentation, the wine altar will emit a strong aroma. When the liquor begins to clarify gradually, it means that the rice is fermented. At this time, you can open the wine altar and separate the wine and the distillery.

The above is the simple way to make rice wine at home. Those who like to drink rice wine can make it at home. The taste is very good.

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