Multiple matching methods of nutritional breakfast (2)

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Multiple combinations of nutritional breakfast

2. Beauty eight treasure porridge: If the female white -collar workers are conditions, they can make eight treasure porridge the day before yesterday, add rice, red beans, peanut rice, Wolfberry, etc., eat hot the next morning, convenient and beautiful.

3. Blood glucose milk oatmeal: Rinse oatmeal with boiling water, and then add milk.This combination is more suitable for people with high blood sugar or family inheritance of diabetes.

Spring is the season when children grow and develop strong. Many children eat lunch at school. It is difficult to guarantee that the role of breakfast is particularly important.Experts call for it to be more diligent in all parents and get up for a moment early to prepare a rich and nutritious breakfast for your child to make him “get rid of the wind”.

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Multiple combinations of nutritional breakfast