The nutritional value of sea urchin (4)

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Food and health care of sea urchin

Chinese medicine believes that sea urchin yellow has the effects of strong essence, aphrodisiac, beneficial heart, strong bone, and blood. The people of our country regarded it as the superior supplements in the sea taste. It is known as eating sea urchin and yellow nourishment to strengthen the body, saying that it can refresh the lack of energy and enhance the energy, and is particularly favored by some men. Some people praise it as “the essence of the sea” Essence The classics record that the alchemist of the Dao family in the Ming Dynasty used sea urchin as raw materials to refine the “Yun Dan” with strong aphrodisiacs and paid tribute to the court.

Modern studies have found that sea urchin yellow contains biological activity such as structural protein, lecithin and other biological active substances such as a large amount of animal gland. It has the effect ofrogen -like, which can improve sexual function and improve intelligence. Studies have shown that sea urchin yellow can reduce the internal serum cholesterol and triglycerides of the human body, and can improve the body’s immunity, stabilize blood pressure, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Therefore, it has the function of preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Animal experiments show that the extract of sea urchin yellow can enhance sports endurance and extend the time of animal survival. It can be seen that the ancients said that the sea urchin yellow can be strong, the aphrodisiac, and the heart, which is in line with the results of modern scientific research. In recent years, in domestic and foreign markets, anti -fatigue products made by sea urchin yellow as raw materials have appeared. It has obvious improvement effect on sub -health performance such as insufficient energy and neurasthenia.

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