What are the delicious methods of chestnut?What are the treatment effects of chestnuts?

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The practice of chestnut yam porridge:

ingredients: 150 grams of rice, 8-10 chestnuts, 50 grams of yam, fungus

Small granules.

2 yam peeled, cut small grains, and put in cold water for later use.

Wash the rice, pour it into the pot, add a large bowl of clear water, and boil the fire.

4 Pour in chestnut and cook for about 15 minutes.

5 Then pour in yam grains and a little black fungus, and continue to cook until rice and yam are soft.

The method of chestnut chicken:

ingredients: one big chicken leg, 150 grams of chestnut, green onion ginger, cooking wine, salt

Wash, cut into small pieces, wash off the blood again and control the water.

2 Chicken loaded into a slightly depth disk, add a little onion, ginger, and add a little cooking wine.

3 Steam in the pan. (Steamed, do not steam, separate chicken chicken soup after steaming)

4 cut a small mouth with a knife on the chestnut shell, and boil the water pot for 5 minutes.

5 The cold chestnuts take one peeling one, peel and put it in the water.

6 hot oils in the pot, fried onions and ginger, pour the steamed chicken and stir -fry the aroma, and then add a little salt and a little raw soy sauce.

7 After stir -fry, add the peeled chestnut and pour the chicken soup when steamed chicken.

8 cover the lid and change the small low heat to cook.

9 Cook until the chicken soup thick silk, and when the remaining soup is left, sprinkle the onion section to turn off the heat.

The method of peanut chestnut beef pot:

ingredients: 500 grams of Wuxiang cooked beef, 300 grams of chestnuts, 200 grams of peanuts

Fuxiang cooked beef is divided into small pieces and poured into the pressure cooker.

2 chestnuts and peanuts pour into the pot and add beef soup.

Boil the soup. Cover, adjust the time, and press for 35 minutes.

4 The pressed chestnut peanut beef pot, adjust the taste.

5 The chestnut peanut beef is put into the casserole and cooks while it is hot.

The method of chestnut sauce duck:

ingredients: duck half, 200 grams of chestnuts, onion ginger, star anise, soy sauce, dried yellow sauce, cinnamon, sugar, beer, chicken essence
123] Method:

1 Wash the duck and cut into pieces for later use.

Wash the chestnut peeling.

3 Duck pieces into a cold water pot, wash the floating foam with hot water after simmering water.

4 Take the pot, without refueling, put the duck skin on the duck into the pot, and fry the duck with low heat.

5 Add 1 tablespoon of dried dried yellow sauce, two spoons of soy sauce and stir -fry the color, add a beer, add green onion, ginger, Wuxiang, cinnamon, boil the fire, cover, turn over low heat for 1 hour for 1 hour Essence

6 Add the peeled chestnuts and season with sugar and chicken essence. Cover and simmer for another 10 minutes.

The effect of 3 chestnuts of chestnuts

1. Yiqi nourishing the spleen, strengthening the stomach and intestines

Experts pointed out that chestnuts are dry fruits with high carbohydrate content, which can supply supply, which can supply supply, which can supply There are more thermal energy of the human body and can help fat metabolism. To ensure the supply of basic nutrients in the body, it is known as “hardcore crops” and “wooden grain”.

2. Preventive and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Chestnuts contain a large amount of starch, protein, fat, B vitamin and other nutrients. Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and arteriosclerosis are beneficial to human health.

3. Strong tendon and healthy bone, delaying aging

chestnuts are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, and vascular muscles. , Pain, fatigue, weakness, etc., delay the aging of the human body, is the ideal health fruit of the elderly. Frequently eating chestnuts and the effect of treating waist and leg pain and relaxation of tendons.

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